Getting yourself prepared: how to revise like a pro


Exams, although they always seem so far away, will always creep up on you. This is why you need to make sure that your revision game is on point. There is no better way to ensure that you pass your exams than to take your revision into your own hands and really get your subject down to a finely crafted art. Here is a range of great hints and tips to revise as a pro and take your revision program to the next level and help you pass those all-important exams you have looming up over the horizon.

#1 Learn about something you enjoy at the same time

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Learning about something you like at the same time might help the facts stay in your head for longer because you will associate them with the things you enjoy. It might sound a bit strange, but for some, it certainly seems to work. For example, learning about a special interest might help you remember a different fact entirely, a lot like visual cues. Learning some facts for your psychology pop quiz and special interest, such as finding out more about the world’s most expensive clocks might be the perfect way to help you remember other facts that you learn at the same time, as well as improve your knowledge about the planets most costly timepieces.

#2 Learn in chunks 

Learning in chunks is great. If you revise in chunks of about fifteen minutes, with five-minute breaks in between, you will be able to absorb more knowledge. This can be very good if you are trying to pace yourself and not take in all the information at once. By setting yourself timed tasks, you can also help increase your speed, meaning that you will be able to get the smaller questions on your test done faster, rather than spending all of your time on the little questions and not tackling the larger parts of the exam, which is where the majority of the marks are.

#3 Have a reward system and stick to it

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Having a reward system, and sticking to it, can be another way to self-motivate your revision. There are a huge number of ways that you can reward yourself after each session. You can go out for a walk, have some food like a cookie or something a little more substantial, play your favourite video game or even just look at social media. No matter what you choose to do within your reward time, you need to make sure that you work hard beforehand to make it truly worth it.

#4 Make it fun


This expands on what was covered in the first point, and while making revision fun might sound like a chore, it might help you when it comes to making everything more memorable. Having flashcard revision games, having songs that remind you of all the elements in the periodic table, even just brightening up your notes with colour-coding might be a great way to make your revision time memorable and fun, meaning that the facts are more likely to stick with you.

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