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Foods You Should Be Eating During Pregnancy To Help Ensure A Healthy Baby

There is no guarantee that you will give birth to a healthy baby. The good news is that in the majority of cases this is exactly what happens. Of course, you can do certain things to get the right outcome.That includes exercising regularly, staying hydrated, and seeing your obstetrician Sydney regularly to monitor the progress of you and your baby. Alongside this critical process, you can also think more about the foods you should be eating during pregnancy.

Full Fat Dairy

Full Fat Dairy

You may prefer to consume fat free dairy products as you feel they are better for your health. However, when you are pregnant your unborn baby needs plenty of calcium and protein. It’s essential to their proper development.

One of the best ways to get this into your diet is by choosing full fat dairy products. If you’re wondering why full fat dairy it’s because they are full of casein and whey which contain protein and calcium. Yes, it’s the same whey that weightlifters use and in this instance, it’s a great idea.


What to eat when pregnant

Legumes means lentils, beans, and peas. These can be consumed throughout your pregnancy and contain protein, calcium, iron, and folate. All essential ingredients for you and your baby.

Folate is particularly important as low levels of this in your diet have been connected with low birth rates and neural tube defects. This is also the reason why many women take folic acid supplements.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are delicious and can be easily consumed instead of regular potatoes. They are high in a number of nutrients but are particularly good for beta-carotene. Your body turns this into vitamin A which is essential for tissue and cell growth and repair. Your baby needs that!

Of course, sweet potatoes are also full of fiber, helping you to feel full and maintain a healthy gut.



You should never eat raw eggs when pregnant but cooked eggs are a great choice. In fact, an egg contains every nutrient you need for a healthy pregnancy! Best of all, eggs are cheap making them a healthy pregnancy choice regardless of your budget.

Of particular note is a substance called choline found in eggs. It is excellent for brain development and research has shown pregnant women with low levels of choline are more likely to have babies with neural tube defects or brain development issues.


Eating During Pregnancy

Berries brighten up any meal and the good news is they are good for you and your unborn baby. Most berries are full of antioxidants which help you to stay healthy and boost your immune system. That’s important for you as you want to keep illness away while pregnant. A healthy immune system can also be transferred to your unborn baby. That helps them when they enter the world.

The good thing about all these foods is that they are easy to get hold of and include in a normal diet. You don’t need to do anything special to look after your unborn baby, you simply need to think about what you are eating.

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