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7 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem When it Has Been Knocked

Self-esteem can be difficult to get and hard to retrieve when it has been knocked. However, many people’s self-esteem is vulnerable to knocks, whether through a failure at work, the words or insults of someone you previously respected, or simply changes to your physical and mental health. So then, to improve your self-esteem and ensure that you can get back to feeling like yourself again, here are some top tips for those whose self-esteem is going through a dip.

1.    Be Happy with Your Body

Be Happy with Your Body

One of the main reasons why women experience periods of low self-esteem is due to unhappiness with their bodies. Your body is constantly changing, and although this is completely natural, many people feel ashamed of or try to hide these changes when they occur. Then, if you have recently put on weight and have tried everything that you can to lose it, you should consider whether Coolsculpting Elite might be the right next step for you. Coolsculpting is a fat reduction procedure where fat cells are frozen in areas where you are finding weight particularly difficult to shed. This can help to make your weight loss efforts worth it and can help you to feel at home in your own body again. Once this has been done, you may never feel shy about looking into the mirror again.

There are many other aspects of your appearance that may affect your self-esteem, and these include your teeth and skin. Then, you should consider visiting a specialist cosmetic dentist or a skincare professional to find out more about the procedures that are on offer and the effect that they can have on issues such as crooked, stained or yellow teeth, or on spider veins, acne, age spots and wrinkles.

2.    Change Your Mindset

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However, even people who others think look and act perfect sometimes have problems with their self-esteem. If you have done everything that you can to look and feel the way that you want to and yet you are still suffering from self-esteem issues, this might be due to your mindset. Then, you should try to turn your mindset around by reciting positive affirmations, by consciously countering and challenging negative thoughts, and by writing a journal within which you can pour your heart and worries. However, if you believe that your negative mindset is the symptom of a more serious mental health issue, you should consider visiting a doctor or going to a therapist, who will be able to help you to come to terms with your concerns and talk through your worries.

3.    Focus on Your Strengths

While everyone is flawed and makes mistakes, everyone also has many victories and strengths to their names. Then, rather than going over and over the negatives in your head, you should focus on the activities and skills that you are good at. For instance, you should try to set aside some time for a hobby that you excel in, write down all of the times where you succeed or the compliments that you receive, and consider honing the skills that you are already good at.

4.    Surround Yourself with Great People


Often, your self-esteem may have been knocked by someone else, whether by an off-hand comment or a direct insult. However, though it may be difficult not to take this to heart, you should counter this comment by surrounding yourself with people who build you up and who are constantly congratulating and encouraging you. By doing this, you will be able to get the support that you need to go from strength to strength and to squash any self-doubt or confidence issues that you may have. You should also consider getting rid of friends who constantly criticize you or who put down you and your dreams, as these toxic people will only make your self-esteem worse in the long run.

5.    Practice and Research

Sometimes, the best way to counter your self-esteem issues is to make sure that you are the best that you can be at what you do. For instance, you should practice the elements of any activities that you feel you are not good at and constantly try to learn more about them. You should also consider conducting research to ensure that you are well informed and have something to say on the subject in question, which will leave you prepared for the next time that you find yourself in the situation which previously knocked your self-esteem.

6.    Avoid Negative Situations


If you know that a certain person or situation often knocks your self-esteem, you should not continue to put yourself back within that same situation, if possible. Although you might still have to turn up for work, there is no harm in looking for other positions that may suit you better and that might pull you away from a toxic environment that gets you feeling as if you are not good enough. This might involve putting certain boundaries in place, though, such as saying no to people when they pressure you to take on roles that you are uncomfortable with.

7.    Wear Something You Love


However, boosting your self-esteem can be as simple as wearing an outfit or accessories that you love and that flatter you and bring out your best features. You should also consider wearing ultra colorful outfits as these can brighten your day and make it feel like summer no matter what season it truly is. Although your ultra-casual outfit might be comfortable, there is no harm in dressing up from time to time, and even if you do not feel like it, wearing your favorite dress or fancy outfit can give your mood an instant lift and can help you to think about yourself in a different way. Not only this but wearing what you love can help you to express yourself, and this can allow you to see and acknowledge the elements of yourself that you adore.



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