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Made by Me Window Art

There are 29 days until Christmas. I can’t wait. I asked my mom and dad for some craft and painting kits for Christmas. Art is my favourite subject, and I am really crafty. Made by Me from Horizon Group has some really fun craft kits. The Made By Me window art kit is so easy to do. They have rock painting kits, stepping stone kits, bird houses and sun catcher sets. My mom gifted me the Christmas sun catcher set, so I could start decorating my bedroom for Christmas. I love this set. It is so easy! You don’t even have to be good at painting.

Holiday Window Art

First, you place some paper down on the table. I use my messmatz. Next, remove the items from the box. Choose the sun catcher that you want to paint. Choose a paint colour and remove the cap. Squeeze a small amount of paint into the areas of the sun catcher. If the paint doesn’t come out, you can stick a fork in the tip of the tube. Just be careful or ask your parent to help like I did.

Holiday Window Art

Be careful when applying the paint. If you squeeze the tube too hard, it comes out fast. My mom did that!  When you are done painting, set to the side and paint another one. You have to let the sun catchers dry overnight.  When finished drying, cut a small amount of string and tie it to your sun catcher. You may need help doing this. Attach the suction cup and stick them to your window. When you add them to your window, they look like stain glass. You could also attach hooks or string and hang them from the Christmas tree.

Holiday Window Art

I like Made by Me Window Art better than I do the sun catchers you paint with a paint brush. Made by Me Window Art is easy to do and lots of fun. It is a great craft to do with your mom or dad. If your child likes to craft as much as I do, they will love Made by Me Window Art.

I even recycled the paper it came with to make a Christmas drawing.

Christmas sun catchers

The kits come in Christmas, Halloween and summer sets.

Check them out at

I can’t wait to start painting my Made by Me stepping stone.

Holiday Window Art

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Christmas sun catchers


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5 thoughts on “Made by Me Window Art

  1. Great review, I was looking at these but wasn’t sure, and now you made me make up my mind and I will get one for my granddaughter

  2. Great job Miss P, love the way they look, bet it was fun as well
    Thanks for posting this may give me an idea for my boy

  3. Great job on the review Miss P. These were so much fun to do with you and I just loved the way they turned out.

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