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4 Ways You Can Use a Cookie Cutter

Baking cookies is a favorite pastime for lucky children all around the globe. There is something quite exciting about making your own cookies, and getting to choose from a variety of cutters to make your own cookie shapes is a great activity kids of many ages can do. That being said, if you have ‘out-cookied’ yourself and you are wondering what other fun you can have, then do not put the cookie cutters away just yet! This piece will give you a few ideas on what you can use your cookie cutters for aside from, well, cutting cookies!

Read on to get inspired!


Clay Shapes

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The great thing about cookie cutters is that you do not need the material you are working with to be dough! Clay is also an excellent, soft material that can be used to make all different kinds of fun items such as ornaments, keepsakes, and other crafts! You can simply use the cookie cutter on rolled-out clay to make the shape you want and decorate your clay piece in a similar way to how you would do cookie decorating!

Follow the instructions for your specific type of clay, and do not forget to glaze and seal after to keep your design protected.


Shaped Toast

Cookie cutter toast

There is something extremely novel about fun-shaped foods, and cookie cutters can transform other different food types so you can enjoy that experience with a variety of meals. Brighten up breakfast by using a cookie cutter to cut the desired shape out of toast! This is also particularly useful if you have someone in the family who is not a fan of eating crusts too.


Printing is another great use of a cookie cutter, especially if you want to make some DIY homemade gifts for friends and family. Whether you want to decorate a cushion, a tea towel, or a blanket – the choice is up to you! All you will need is some fabric paints and then a cookie cutter of your choice to make a design you love.

Do not forget that you can use a bunch of different cookie cutters on one item and even mix and match them together to create something completely unique! Just press a cutter down into the fabric paint and then onto your desired surface – it is as easy as that!

DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

Cookie cutters are great at cutting materials, but they are also excellent for keeping materials together. If you want to make your own homemade bird feed but also want to keep the mix together while it sets, then using a cookie cutter to shape the mixture and keep everything inside works a treat! When it has hardened, you can also pop a hole in the top of your mixture to tie a string through – this will make it easy to hang on a tree branch for the birds, or you can leave a block on your bird table for them to nibble at.

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