How to Prepare for a Day of Drinking

How to Prepare for a Day of Drinking

When you are preparing for a pub crawl, a wedding, or a major event that allows you to drink all day, you should plan ahead. The tips below show all the ways to prepare for the day, and what to do on the day you will be drinking. A pub crawl, wedding, or major party will be ruined by a bad hangover the next day, but you can cut back on those problems before they start.

Hangover Prep

Hangover PrepThe first thing to do is to prepare a small kit for preventing a hangover. A hangover kit should include bottled water, something for a headache like Advil or Purple Tree, Tums, hand sanitizer, chapstick, Vitamin C tablets, and gum or mints. The kit should come with you at all times. If you plan to convalesce in your car, you can leave the kit in the car. Ladies might like to carry a big bag, or men might want to carry a small backpack. Stay hydrated throughout the day, take pain medication if you do not feel well, and take a few vitamin C tablets before you fall asleep. The Tus can be used if you have a stomach ache, and you should use hand sanitizer to prevent a cold or viral infection.

Who is Driving/What is Your Mode of Transport?

You need to know who is driving or how you are getting around. Some people take taxis, and others will call a ridesharing service. You might be the designated driver, and you have stored the hangover kit in your car to help everyone who is with you. If you plan to take public transportation, you need to know when trains or buses stop running.

Where are You Going/Who Knows Where You Will Be

You should create an itinerary of all the places you will be that day. You can share this list with a friend who is not attending, or you can give that list to the designated driver. You should ask friends to check in with you throughout the day, and they need to know where to find you if you do not respond.

Bring Friends With You

You should bring as many friends along as possible. If you are going to a wedding, take a friend as a date. Your date might be your current significant other, but you should let other friends know where you will be. When you are traveling with a group of friends, it is much easier to stay safe. You should also talk to your friends about who will drink the least that night. One person might stay sober to keep everyone else safe.

Extra Clothes in Your Bag or Vehicle

You might want to stuff a change of clothes in your bag. You never know what will happen when you go out drinking for an entire day. If you want to change out of a dress, tux, or bridesmaid gown, you can change into more comfortable clothes when the party leaves the reception.


You can plan for a day of drinking easily if you have a hangover kit and a schedule. Bring friends with you if you can, and try to bring a change of clothes when possible. You will have the time of your life, but you will not feel miserable the next day.

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