CBD Products to Promote Mental Well-Being and Alleviate Stress

CBD Products to Promote Mental Well-Being and Alleviate Stress

Over the past few years, the amount of CBD products on the market seems to have skyrocketed. However, if you consider that a Chinese emperor circa 3000 B.C. used a tea made from cannabis as medicine, the graph stops looking quite so much like it has been an overnight success for the CBD industry. Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria of England, who reigned in the late 1800s, is also said to have used something not unlike CBD for medicinal purposes. And modern scientists began conducting tests on CBD in the 1940s. There really is nothing new under the sun!

Cut to the present day, and here are you: the modern, educated consumer interested in using CBD products to help you with the contemporary, yet timeless, themes of mental well-being and stress alleviation. Where should you turn? You can definitely turn on to plain jane cbd products.

CBD Oils

CBD oils are what most people think of when they think of CBD for sleep products, especially for the desired effects of mental well-being and stress management. CBD oil often comes in a small bottle with an eye dropper for dispensing doses, although there are other types of packaging designed for dose management, such as CBD oil pens. A typical CBD oil bottle size is 750 mg, and a high-quality oil will be ungarnished with additives or contaminants. CBD oil provides the added benefit of being able to be used both orally and topically, depending on your needs at the time. A high quality CBD oil generally costs over $40 or $50 for the 750 mg package size, although some companies allow you to save when you purchase multi-packs.

CBD Tablets

CBD tablets are often marketed to alleviate stress and promote mental well-being. Sometimes the “zen effect” is advertised. The tablets can be chewable or not, depending on the brand, but tablets are only used for oral ingestion; if you desire CBD products for topical use, you’ll have to purchase something separately. Tablets are usually marketed for a specific purpose, as opposed to oils which are typically sold for a more general, overall well-being use. There are CBD tablets for improving mood, alleviating stress, and keeping calm, as well as tablets to help with joint and muscle soreness and other wellness issues. Often, herbs will be added to the tablets to increase the focus on a specific remedy. For example, CBD products to help you sleep might include chamomile, Valerian root, or lavender in addition to CBD.

CBD “Edibles”

The field of edibles takes medicinal usage of CBD products into a more fun, approachable product for many. CBD mints are an example of a popular edible product. The idea is that, by sucking on the mint, the benefits of the CBD will begin to work more quickly. As a bonus, you end up with fresh breath; it’s a win-win situation! High-quality CBD mints will cost more than a package of Tic-Tacs, so you won’t want to mistake them for your usual pop-a-handful breath mint, but then again, it’s medicine, not just candy!

CBD Balms

A CBD balm is entirely designed for topical use; balms cannot be taken orally. A balm is generally used if you have a specific area of your body, such as a muscle or joint, that you would like to pay attention to. CBD balms are often blended with essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and mint, for extra relief. Balms are not generally used for mental well-being or to alleviate stress, except in the way that resolving sore muscles and joints can help not only with physical pain but also mental health.

CBD Hemp Flower

There is a growing population of CBD users who prefer smoking or vaping CBD flowers. Unlike CBD oil, CBD flowers is so fast-acting that you can feel its effects immediately. People with cancer may find it more beneficial.

Other CBD Products

We have touched on a few types of popular CBD products, but there are many more – both for topical and oral use. You can visit a local shop – many CBD products are now sold in stores across the country – or shop online for the types of products that specifically meet your needs.

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