What not to eat when pregnant

What not to eat when pregnant – Healthy Pregnancy eating

pregnant womanYou were dying for a slice of pizza with pineapples and artichokes so you kicked your husband out of bed. Congratulation, your pregnancy cravings are  officially in full swing.  Unusual pregnancy cravings are one of the many first  pregnancy symptoms. Pregnant women have all sorts of strange cravings. Most pregnancy cravings are harmless, and can even be kind of funny. However, there are many articles and wise-tales out there that tell you which foods to eat when you are expecting and which foods to avoid.  Here is a list of what to eat and what not to eat when pregnant.

Foods to avoid


raw eggs

Raw eggs may contain a type of pathogenic bacteria called Salmonella, which can bring on fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Make sure you fully cook your eggs before eating them.

Unpasteurized juice

Pregnant women should steer clear of juice sold at farm stands as it may not have undergone pasteurization. Since this process kills bacteria and toxins, drinking unpasteurized juice and even milk, can harm one’s health.

Certain types of fish

Most fish can do wonders for your overall well-being and thanks to omega-3 fatty acids they can even help your baby’s brain development. However methyl-mercury, which you find in most types of fish can affect the baby’s nervous system. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid eating swordfish, shark, and tile fish because these species live longer and thus accumulate more mercury in their flesh. However, two meals of lower-mercury fish such as salmon, catfish or canned light tuna a week are perfectly fine.

Bacon and sausage

Bacon and sausage

Avoid food that contain nitrates, as these additives are said to be link to brain tumors and diabetes. Even though these studies aren’t conclusive, why risk it? After all, these (delicious) foods aren’t a great nutritional choice anyway.

Foods you can eat

Soft cheeses

At one time it was suggested that pregnant women stay clear of soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, and Gorgonzola. These cheeses harbor listeria, bacteria that cause an illness that can lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, or stillbirth. Today, soft cheeses have the green light from the FDA, as long as they are made with pasteurized milk. Although most cheeses today are made this way, make sure to check labels before you give in to your cheese cravings.

Deli meat

Contrary to popular belief, you can eat deli meat when you are pregnant. However, you should heat it first to kill bacteria. Pop it in the microwave before you eat it. If you would rather skip this type of food, your high-protein lunch can come in a form of a veggie burger or a bean burrito.

Fresh produce

pregnant womanFruits and vegetables should definitely find their place on your plate when you are expecting. They are high in vitamins and fiber so knock yourself out. However, make sure to wash the outside of all fruits and vegetables, even if you’re not going to eat the skin.

While there are some foods you should eat when pregnant and some you should avoid, the most important thing during these nine months is to maintain a well-balanced diet.


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14 thoughts on “What not to eat when pregnant – Healthy Pregnancy eating

  1. For me, first trimester it was McDonalds grilled cheese, like the ones you get in the happy meals, and soup (cream of potato with cheese on top or tomato were my favourites) despite it being the middle of July/August lol. Second and third semester all my cravings kinda went away. I had gestational diabetes so I had to manage my diet and drank A LOT of water.

  2. Not sure if it counts but, ❤️I could tell all 3 times when my wife was pregnant. I would come home to a 12 course meal. She would cook and bake enough food for 12 people. She is an awesome cook and I had to take food to my buddies at work, 40 years married and she is the Love of my life.

  3. Not weird per say and I found my cravings were more intense leading up to me finding out I was pregnant. For 2 weeks I ate a JBC from Wendy’s everyday. And I really craved MC. Donald’s happy meals and root beer in the beginning. Only thing I could hold down though

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