How to Choose the Perfect Saree

The saree has been the symbol of an Indian woman’s attire for centuries. A Saree is a beautiful yet elegant attire for Indian women. A Saree can be worn for any occasion. The elegance it holds is unparalleled.  No matter who wears a saree, a touch of femininity and a sense of elegance is highlighted and portrayed. In today’s post, we are going to offer some tips on how to choose the perfect saree.

Before you choose the perfect saree decide where you are going to wear it.

Housewives generally wear sarees at home, however, it can easily be worn in an office environment if you know the exact fabric and style to choose. Today a saree is worn differently than the traditional style. Today sarees are accessorized with statement jewelry pieces and sandals.

Which saree should I wear to the office?Tussar Silk

Tasar, or Tussar Silk, has a certain elegance about it that is unmatched by any other natural or manmade yarn. The fabric is also cooler than other varieties. With the introduction of chemical dyes, the range of available colors is immense. A  tasar silk saree is the perfect attire for an office setting.  Shades of white, grey, brown, and pastel colors like peach and olive green are preferred by corporate women. These colors make you look positive and approachable. Make sure that the prints you choose aren’t loud.

For regular office wear, fabrics like linen are popular. Linen has a fine texture that doesn’t irritate the skin. The fabric is light-weight, drapes well, and is flowy; making it a top choice among businesswomen.

Daily Wear SareeCotton sarees

Cotton Sarees for Everyday Wear: Pure cotton sarees are comfortable and highly breathable making them ideal for daily wear. A new cotton saree will be a little stiff so it is recommended that you soak it prior to wearing it. It is best to launder a cotton saree by hand or launder using the delicate setting on your washing machine. Just like the other kinds of sarees, cotton sarees accentuate femininity. Cotton sarees come in countless designs, colors, styles & materials. When choosing a saree for daily wear avoid light colors that easily stain.

A synthetic saree is also a popular choice among east Indian women. They are easy to wear, lightweight, and designed to maintain a rich and elegant look. Nothing can be more perfect than printed sarees.

Party Wear SareesSilk Sarees

The most popular elegant choice among party sarees is those made of silk and crepe silk. Crepe sarees go very well at parties due to their styling purposes. They have also been known to attract attention due to their visual texture.

Embroidered silk sarees are also a very popular choice perhaps because of their unforgettable beauty and universally flattering style. Whatever fabric you choose remember that festive occasions demand rich bright colors. Red, green, orange, and yellow add to the fun and enjoyment of the festival party. These bright colors also lift your mood and attract attention.

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to choose the perfect saree. No matter whether you are choosing a saree for daily wear, work or a special occasion be sure to choose comfort over style.

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