How Major Companies Get Women to Spend Top Dollar

How Major Companies Get Women to Spend Top Dollar

women online shoppingEven the savviest woman has to agree that there are just some things she can’t live without. Though they like to call it a man’s world, the truth is, that women are more times than not, the deciding factor when it comes to spending money – and big brands are aware. If you’ve ever wondered why it can be difficult to tune out the latest promotions on fashion finds, home decor, beauty products, etc. The answer has less to do with your impulses and more to do with big bucks invested into marketing.

Gender segmentation or gender-specific marketing as it is often called is a group of marketing strategies tried, tested, and utilized by industries who are looking to attract a large female audience. Big industries such as fashion, beauty, home, garden, and even children’s products invest a lot of money into designing a marketing campaign that is appealing to the masses, but most intriguing to women. Here’s how:

Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchThe key to getting to the top of search engine results in having great content with effective keywords related to your product, service, or brand. As online shopping has become a convenient method for women to get things done, major brands have gone to great lengths to invest in digital marketing and SEO services to generate better content and climb to the top of search result pages. Using highly searched keywords like women’s clothes, discount fashion for women, or affordable home decor, will get you a list of results from some of the best companies in those industries.

Discounts and Deals

 Discounts and DealsIf there is one thing that every woman loves its a bargain. As they often have families to care for, spending too much money would be wasteful and impossible. Aware of this tidbit of information, major companies are willing to drop prices, advertise promotions, and even generate coupons just to draw your attention. Take brands like Payless for instance. They took the phrase buy one get one free (BOGO) and turned it into a promotion that causes their female audience to look for quality shoes for the entire family at a fraction of what it’d cost on any other day.


 mobile appsAnother thing most women have in common is a shortage of time. Companies have started finding convenient solutions that will draw the female audience. They understand that if they can save the average woman even five minutes doing something she does every day, chances are they’ll make a sale. Have you noticed the number of mobile apps there are out there for moms now? Whether it’s time management, meal planning, health trackers, or apps to help her find the best discounts in the area, most women will download it just for the sake of saving time.

Sure, these major industries realize that they also need to appeal to the male population (who else is going to buy Valentine’s Day, Birthday, or Anniversary gifts), however, they’ve come to realize the significance of marketing to the female consumer. By utilizing strategies such as effective use of keywords, discounts, and coupons, as well as convenience, they have been able to remain at the top of their game while appealing to their target consumer. So, if you thought that your inability to say no to cute gadgets, fashions, and beauty products you see advertised online and in stores was all your fault, the truth is major brands have invested a lot of money to get you to do the same.


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