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Obersee Kids Pre-School All-In-One Backpack With CoolerA backpack is an essential part of back-to-school attire, and there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right backpack for your child. Make sure the backpack you purchase your child isn’t too large. To ensure your child has a proper fitting backpack check that: The bottom of the pack does not sit more than 4 inches below their waistline. The point where the bag and the straps meet should be 1-2” below the tops of their shoulders. In addition, the weight of a backpack should not exceed 10% of your child’s own body weight.  Kids want their backpacks to be trendy and fun, but of course as parents we want something that will be comfortable and offer enough support while being able to last them through the school year. Obersee Kids Backpacks boast a blend of creativity, functionality and style.

The Obersee Kids PreSchool All-in-One Backpack with Cooler is one of the best selling backpacks on the market for back to school 2017. Looking for a kindergarten sized durable backpack for my daughter was what originally led me to Obersee, but the insulated outer pocket was the selling point for me.


The bag features a front pocket that doubles as a lunch cooler, so I don’t need to purchase a separate lunch bag. While the bag is titled pre-school, I find the bag to be the perfect size for junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten and grade one.

Obersee Kids Pre-School All-In-One Backpack With Cooler For ultimate comfort, the back features a padded breathable mesh lumbar section and the straps are constructed with the same padded breathable mesh.

Two added bonuses that I love is the chest strap, which helps distribute the weight, and the side pocket which is perfect for carrying a water bottle.

The interior of the main compartment features an organizer with pockets for supplies and slots for pen and pencil storage.

My daughter loves the cool star design of her backpack, but Obersee Kids PreSchool All-in-One Backpack with Cooler also comes in 18 other cool designs.

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Website: www.obersee.com


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12 thoughts on “Obersee Kids Backpacks

  1. This certainly looks like a great backpack with many nice features such as insulated outer pocket and chest strap for easy carrying !

  2. A new brand for me! Love the size of the backpack shown, it’s perfect! The color/design at Obersee is impressive too!

  3. I like the built in lunch section of the backpack and think it is great that they have designed a backpack for smaller children. I have seen little ones with backpacks that are almost as big as them when I have dropped off my grandchildren at school.

  4. These sound like great backpacks for the kids, some of the bags in the stores are way to big for the little kids, I also like that this comes with a chest strap as well!!

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