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 Electric Pressure WasherThis Father’s Day why not give dad something that makes his life easier. An electric power washer can manage various types of cleaning tasks effortlessly. The power washer is one of the best ways to clean things like the driveway, house, cars, RV’s, etc.

I have used many power washers over the years, but this is my first electric power washer. I was a bit skeptical if an electric power washer would get the job done. Needless to say, I have used it now for various tasks around the house and am quite impressed at the ease of use.

In-fact: This electric power washer cleaned more effectively and was the easiest to use in side-by-side tests conducted by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. Analysts used each power washer on a variety of surfaces and compared the results. The Best model removed the most paint from a cement brick, scoured mud from a car rim in only 22 seconds, and cleaned dirt and mold from aluminum siding faster than all other units.

Choosing the Best power WasherThe instructions are very clear and assembly takes about 20 min.  You will need a Philips star screwdriver to assemble. This is for attaching the feet and gun holster pedestal to the bottom of the power washer.

The washer comes with 4 quick attach spray nozzles  for different jobs or applications. They even include a quick connect attachment for the pressure hose and gun, so it connects and disconnects with ease.

The pressure gun is a complete stop and go system. You simply pull the trigger and release it to start and stop the pressure washer. The spray nozzles has a nice storage location on the back of the machine,  allowing you to conveniently switch between them with ease. The 44oz soap container also attaches on the back and pulls off for quick refills or for rinsing out the container after use.

The power washer has 2 control dials on the face of it. The one controls the soap allotment and the other controls the timer.

The pressure hose is on a quick reel for storage and a crank handle to rewind it back on the reel after use. It has back wheels that make it very versatile for maneuvering the whole pressure washer around, so you can complete any job quite quickly.

Being an electrical power washer the power cord has a GFCI plug which means it’s a (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) and the cord is a good 35’ long. This is usually more than adequate for jobs around the house.

The pressure hose is 30’ long and provides 2000psi of pressure. Which is a minimal standard for pressure washers to be powerful enough to remove dirt and grime from molding, brick and even patio stones and lawn furniture. The hose does tangle somewhat. I wonder if the product could be improved with a more flexible one?

Without a doubt though  this is one of the best cleaning tools out there in the market today. I found it to be a great power washer for doing smaller jobs around the house.The Best Electric Power Washer is available at hammacher.com.

I hope you have a relaxing Father’s Day.

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5 thoughts on “Electric Power Washer

  1. Thank you for the detailed review, getting a power washer as a gift for fathers day is a brilliant idea! The time saved when washing a car is incredible. As Lynda stated they are fantastic not just for washing the car, but for cleaning the outside of the house, plus they can bring your driveway/patio a treat

  2. These are great little machines to invest in, my husband cleans our siding on the house every year, it’s amazing how dirty your house can get in a year!

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