Morph compound by Orb Factory Giveaway

morph compoundIf you have a child to shop for this upcoming holiday season that loves play-doh then they will love Morph compound.  Like play-doh, Morph is an open ended toy, which allows children to get creative. Unlike play-doh, or clay, Morph is exceptionally light and soft to the touch.  The longer you play with Morph compound the softer and fluffier it gets. Morph will even expand to three times its original size.

When you open the box I have to admit that the actual product doesn’t look very exciting. Morph comes in a packet all crumbly and dry. Before opening the package squish it together to form a dough-like substance.

morph compound

Morph compound is pretty fun. In fact, I find myself wanting to play with Morph too! It’s a great stress reliever. You can make all kinds of sculptures and molded creations using Morph. And best of all, if you place Morph into water it magically floats.  During our testing they floated perfectly. And when we took them out of the water they dried out with minutes. If you roll Morph into small balls it will even bounce.

morph compound

When play time is over Morph is easy to clean up. Unlike play-doh it doesn’t stick to everything it comes in contact with. And best of all, if you leave Morph out it doesn’t dry out. It will remain its fluffy quality. There are so many possibilities to what you can do with Morph that it really is an open ended toy. We also find that most of our  play-doh tools work well with Morph too.

Morph compound is available in six different colors: yellow, pink, purple, green, blue, and orange.

About The Orb Factory

The Orb Factory Limited is a leading specialty toy company known for its popular brands of craft kits, including: PlushCraft®, Pixel Pops™, Curiosity Kits®, Sew Softies™, Glitter Petz™, Sticky Mosaics®, Stick’n Style®, and Magnetic Mosaics®.

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Morph compound by Orb Factory Giveaway

We have partnered with the Orb Factory and are giving away 3 boxes of Morph. This giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents 18 years and over.

Morph Compound Giveaway

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47 thoughts on “Morph compound by Orb Factory Giveaway

  1. My son is so into play dough right now. I would love to win this for him for Christmas. I used to love play dough to so I kind of play with him lol. its something we do together.

  2. My daughters would love this. They enjoy playing with things they can mold. I like that it wouldn’t be messy, unlike some previous mistakes.

  3. The fact that it doesn’t stick to everything and doesn’t dry out is enough for me to want to buy this for my 5 year old daughter. She loves Play-Doh but every time she asks to play with it, I cringe inside. I find it stuck to the bottom of socks for a week after! Thanks for the review and the chance to win!

  4. My nephew will love this! He loves playing with Goo, slime, putty and playdoh. He is pretty bad at remembering to put it away though. I’m glad this won’t dry out!

  5. This morph compound sounds amazing! I love that it doesn’t dry out as my grandson tends to leave things sitting out.

  6. I love that there are various ways of playing with the Morph compound and that it won’t dry out or stick! There is so many things that can be made using a little imagination. Although, I can admit, little man would make a ball and bounce it lol

  7. Now this stuff is cool! My kids love to play with things with their hands! They love being creative, minding, shaping and I think this would be a huge hit in our home!

  8. The fact that it doesn’t dry out has me so interested,and Morph is super easy to clean up.I need this in my home !

  9. I like that it sounds like an upgrade on playdoh. the stickiness has gotten us in trouble a few times (playdoh) when its gotten on another toy and we just cant get it cleaned off.

  10. It looks like it would be super fun for sensory play for my little one (and the rest of us would likely want to join in)! Cool. 😉

  11. wow , me and my grandson would really have a great time making different stuff , i love that its easy to clean up , great for Christmas gifts as well , thanks for the chance 🙂

  12. Haven’t had the opportunity to play with it yet.
    The fact that it doesn’t dry out is definitely a perk!

  13. I could use a product like this to help with my son’s fine motor challenges & spark some creativity. Plus I love the feature of how it doesn’t dry out!

  14. I think it’s quite interesting that it floats – I don’t think I’ve ever seen play dough that doesn’t sink!

  15. I think it is great and love that the longer you play with it the softer it gets. It looks like a great product that will encourage creativity.

  16. I love that it looks like it is so easy to sculpt and make figures with, my daughter would love that. We have had some other Orb products in the past and they have always been great!

  17. This looks like a fun product that encourages children to use their imaginations. I especially like the easy clean-up and that it does not dry out. As much as I like my grandchildren using modelling clay I do not enjoy scraping the dry dough off floors and chairs. I would love to try this out.

  18. I really like that the longer you play with it the softer and fluffier it gets! I think this is something my niece would like. It looks interesting.

  19. This is something I would play with, and my husband and my adult children! I love clay/moulds etc I think it really enhances creativity and excercises the mind in a way it probably doesn’t get much these days. My daughter has spent hours at our kitchen table with slime, clays, play doh… really great for on the road too.

  20. This is absolutely unbelievable!!!!! Such a neat and creative idea coming up with such a thing like this and taking play doh to the next level. This reminds me of a mix of play doh and kinetic sand! my daughter is autistic and loves the touch of both things and creating different objects with her play doh. this will allow her to build like she like to do with her play doh but will give her the soft touch she loves from the kinetic sand. it’s the best of both worlds!

  21. I love that morph doesn’t dry out! We’ve ruined so much play-doh that way. I also love that it inspires creativity.

  22. This sounds awesome, I like that it doesn’t dry out, the kids are always forgetting to put the playdoh back in the containers

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