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Princesses (Make it Now!) Press Out and Play

Today’s memory was sparked as I watched my daughter play with paper dolls. In the story of my childhood, paper dolls held a special place. I would save my money to get the ones I so longed for. Their simple nature allowed me to create an entire world, while playing quietly by myself. If you grew up in the seventies, chances are you remember paper dolls as fondly as I do. So many of today’s t...[Read More]

Baby Steps for Those Who Struggle With Losing Weight

Let’s just put it out there, losing weight is hard. Not only must you learn new eating habits and get more active, but it’s changing your entire mindset and removing old habits which can be hard to break. For most people, this struggle causes them to give up on the concept altogether and revert back to unhealthy habits from the past. If this sounds like you, perhaps taking baby steps can hel...[Read More]


Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Eventually, most people who fall in love, get married. It’s now considered to be totally acceptable for men or women to be the ones to propose. Since women proposing is not as common as men proposing, it can be hard for a woman to know all of the steps that she needs to take in order to propose to the man she loves. The following guide provides you with a few ...[Read More]

Promise Land Family Fun Farm

One of my daughter’s favorite places to visit in Ontario is Promise Land Family Fun Farm.  In fact Promise Land Farm is on my daughter’s bucket list of places to visit this upcoming spring/ summer season. Lucky for us, it is a 10 min drive from our house. Don and Cheryl Dowswell, owners of Promise Land Family Fun Farm, have been running the family petting farm for six years now. Over t...[Read More]

Little Ray’s

As any parent of young children knows, you are always on the lookout for something to do with your children on the weekend.  Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo was recently in my hometown putting on one of their presentations. While we did not get a chance to attend this year we did attend last year. Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo travels across Canada on a yearly basis doing educational presentations. They...[Read More]

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter turned five this past weekend and we had a Disney Frozen birthday party. In my Frozen party planning search, I’ve found a number of great FREE printable ideas online! I thought I would create a post giving you some frozen birthday party ideas. FROZEN PRINTABLES Build Olaf Character Silhouette Party Printables Movie Ticket Style Invitation Frozen Invitations Printable Princess Crowns Ol...[Read More]


If you are a single woman, you have an advantage that many other women do not. When you are planning anything that is finance-related, you do not have to take into account an entire family and the needs of several people. Instead, you get to focus on yourself almost exclusively in most cases. However, this does not mean that you should not practice responsible spending habits as well. Just because...[Read More]

Valentine’s Day Stuffed Animals

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is next week? While most people consider Valentine’s Day a holiday for adult romantic partners, kids can certainly enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s Day. After-all, Valentine’s Day is really just a day to celebrate love. When thinking of Valentine Day gift ideas for kids, plush stuffed animals from Aurora make the perfect gift. No other st...[Read More]

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