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Coloring has sure come a long way since I was a kid. Introducing the new generation of coloring books. Painting Lulu is definitely an upgrade from the coloring books I had back when I was a little girl or even the ones my adult children had growing up in the 90’s. Painting Lulu bridges physical and digital coloring experiences for fans of My Little Pony. It is the only coloring set which com...[Read More]

hallmark canada

Hallmark offers a large selection of Thanksgiving products to help you celebrate, and spread a deep sense of gratitude this upcoming Thanksgiving.  Their wide variety of Thanksgiving fall home decor is perfect for setting a cozy, thankful mood as you host friends and family.  Decorative vases,  pillows, throw blankets, kitchen goods create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.  Here are some of...[Read More]

Protecting Valuables While You Travel

Family vacations are a great experience. You can spend some much-needed family time with your loved ones, visit exciting new places, and learn amazing new things with your kids. Sadly the whole trip can be ruined if some of what you pack gets damaged, lost, or stolen while you’re on the road. Think about these strategies for avoiding catastrophes and protecting your valuables while you trave...[Read More]

A single kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity can cost as little as eight cents – but they add up quick. Household energy expenses are a fact of life, unless you have the money to go off the grid. Unlike the cable bill, we at least have the ability to minimize the cost of electricity each month. After the HVAC system, water heater and lighting, the biggest energy consumers in a home are appliances. ...[Read More]

Tetley Signature Collection

When temperatures drop and layers pile on, nothing is more soothing than a cup of Tetley tea. While I love my go-to Earl Grey on a crisp fall day,  there’s a bounty of new teas that have made their way into my daily tea time rituals. Allow me to introduce you to Tetley Signature Collection teas. The new Tetley Signature Collection includes four fun and flavorful high-quality signature blends made ...[Read More]

Why Your Mattress Matters

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the keys to living a healthy life. Our bodies need that time we spend in dreamland to recover from the day just passed and the day coming ahead. It is while we sleep that our muscles rebuild themselves, that our bodies fight off germs, etc. In spite of this knowledge, most of us probably aren’t getting the kind of rest we need for our bodies to function prope...[Read More]

enesco canada

With a new season already upon us, we’re all looking to give our wardrobe a little update. Jewelry is the easiest way to take an ordinary outfit and make it outstanding. This seasons collection from Absolute Jewellery boasts an extensive range of stunning yet affordable jewellery pieces. From long chains that you can team with shorter statement coin necklaces to charm bangles that are crying out f...[Read More]

Activa Products, Inc.

Color Plus Air Dry Clay is a colored air drying clay that is natural and self-hardening. Once dry, the clay achieves the strength, hardness and solidity of ceramics which have been fired. The clay is non-toxic, odorless and the color won’t stain your hands. We made hearts with our Color Plus Air Dry Clay, but you can use the clay for all kinds of ceramic projects. It is really easy to mold, ...[Read More]

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