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Rose DesRochers is a wife and mother of four. She currently lives in Ontario where she daily pursues her addiction of writing. Today’s Woman was founded out of her love for writing and her desire to show and assist businesses with customer relationship using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Rose has worked with numerous companies, PR and small businesses on Social Media campaigns and helping them get the word out about their product or services. She has immensely enjoys trying new products and sharing her opinions with her growing readership.

When she is not reviewing products or services, she can be found spending time with her family.

Rose continues to look forward to experiencing new products and sharing her opinions with each of you.Contributors


Today’s Woman Review Contributors:

Shawn DesRochers-  Shawn DesRochers is a certified Microsoft technician and Programmer with 20+ year’s experience. He has written many reviews on computer related products and software, as well as reviewed non computer products here at Today’s Woman.  When he’s not writing reviews he can be found at  Host Yuppie,  or running his in home computer business.

Tanya K– Tanya is a optometric assistant and married mother of one.  She enjoys taking time from her busy life to try new products and write for us.

J DesRochers-  J. DesRochers is a Bachelor of Arts student at Carleton University. Writing is one of his passions, and he loves being able to share his knowledge of products with others.  Follow him on Instagram @dezjake.

Brands on this Blog

BRANDS on this blog

We at times receive free products in partnership with different brands for the purpose of review. Opinions are that of reviewer. Reviews are honest and unbiased and in no way influenced by having received product.

Public Relations

Public Relations




Working with Rose

Creative Leather Concepts

I would be remiss if I did not allow time to write and express my appreciation for Rose DesRochers, whose professional manner in handling all our company’s contests and product reviews through her blog is truly outstanding.

Rose has never failed to respond to any of my queries, however insignificant they may seem to be. She has also assisted my company with these queries in a very cordial and timely manner.

I would have no reservation in recommending her services to anyone else. Her social media skills are also very good.

Thanks a lot Rose!

Sincerely, Adam Justus, VP Sales
Creative Leather Concepts Inc.

Footprint Partners Inc – Public Relations

“Rose has been a complete pleasure to work with in all of our interactions. One of the many traits that I admire in Rose is, quite simply, she says what she is going to do… and then she does it! She lives up to her commitments and gets the job done.”

John Hyslop

Strategic Objectives PR team

“Our Strategic Objectives PR team finds Rose a delight to work with. Her writing is knowledgeable, insightful and highly appreciated. We are always happy to share brand news with Rose, knowing she will treat it with due respect and creativity.”

Deborah Weinstein

Readership Reach

Today’s Woman readership comes mainly from the US followed closely by Canada. Readership range from men to women, mothers and father, aunts and uncles, grandparents, families and many in between.

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