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December 11th, 2011George’s Skin Cream Giveaway

By J. DesRochers

The snow is softly falling, and the bite of Jack Frost is in the air. Your skin is cracked and dry, but George’s Special Dry Skin Cream offers “relief for all kinds of skin problems”. George’s Skin Cream was created by pharmacists Skip Gibson and George Doherty who have been formulating creams for over 35 years. George’s Lotion provides you with long lasting relief from the aches and pains of harsh winters, hot summers, and all other skin problems.

In 1977, George Doherty was contacted by a dermatologist to create a rich moisturizing lotion that would complement the skin but consist of as few ingredients as possible. After many long hours of experimenting George came up with the perfect cream that would be sold at George and Skip’s Calgary pharmacy. Today George’s Special Dry Skin Cream is recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing brands sold in drug stores, pharmacies, grocery retailers and convenience stores throughout Canada. Read more…

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By Shawn DesRochers

Provide your baby with safe, stimulating play. Purchase  the Johnny Jump Up Doorway Jumper from Evenflo. This portable infant exerciser provides tons of fun and exercise for baby.  The sturdy door frame clamp provides a secure fit to interior doorways between 3″ and 6″ thick with a firmly affixed door trim of at least 1/2″ wide.

The framed seat fully surrounds your child giving them a secure feeling, while the full enclosed spring prevents access to dirt from collecting in the active spring making it fairly quiet. Read more…

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December 11th, 2011LeapFrog My Own Story Time Pad

Are you looking for a tablet for a young preschooler? The LeapFrog My Own Story Time Pad offers personalized play, stories and activities on a tablet for young learners! Children can watch fun animations and listen to stories, emails and music as they explore the world of Scout & Friends.

With the My Own Storytime Pad, young children can feel just like mom or dad with their very own tablet device.

The Story Time Pad is a great way to jumpstart an early interest in reading.

Read more…

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By J. DesRochers

As seen in Today’s Woman Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas follows the New Year and with that comes New Year’s resolutions. Is yours to get in shape and shave off the weight of the festive social eating? With Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG) you can be active in style. MPG is a producer of innovative men’s and women’s athletic wear, their top of the line products make excellent Christmas gifts and a must have for your active wintry season.

Are you shopping for that “tough” to buy for guy? MPG has quite the selection of active wear for your busy athlete. Starting with Today’s Women’s personal favourite, the classy and comfortable Horizon Lightweight Jersey, which will keep your man looking clean and fit while you’re on the go this holiday season.

This quick dry, four way stretch, track jacket should be top priority on your Christmas shopping list. It provides maximum comfort with minimum effort, as it perfectly matches the contours of the body.  The contrast rib along the collar, cuffs, and hem is a unique added touch to the already classic jacket, making the Horizon Track Jersey look natural and your guy appearing relaxed as he meets the in-laws this Christmas. Read more…

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December 11th, 2011Color N Glow toys

Gift Ideas for the Young Artist on Your Shopping List

This holiday season why not give the child on your Christmas list something different and truly unique. Introducing Color N Glow. These magic activity boards combine the popularity of coloring with unique creative “twists” for a combination guaranteed to light up the inner artist in every child.

Children can now magically transform their  pictures into glowing 3D images! With the unique combination of UV light, neon markers and 3D glasses their artwork will jump off the screen! Read more…

stumbleupon:Color N Glow toys N Glow toys digg:Color N Glow toys spurl:Color N Glow toys wists:Color N Glow toys simpy:Color N Glow toys newsvine:Color N Glow toys blinklist:Color N Glow toys furl:Color N Glow toys reddit:Color N Glow toys fark:Color N Glow toys blogmarks:Color N Glow toys Y!:Color N Glow toys smarking:Color N Glow toys magnolia:Color N Glow toys segnalo:Color N Glow toys gifttagging:Color N Glow toys

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