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Morph compound by Orb Factory Giveaway

If you have a child to shop for this upcoming holiday season that loves play-doh then they will love Morph compound.  Like play-doh, Morph is an open ended toy, which allows children to get creative. Unlike play-doh, or clay, Morph is exceptionally light and soft to the touch.  The longer you play with Morph compound the softer and fluffier it gets. Morph will even expand to three times its origin...[Read More]


Inspire your children to make their own Christmas gifts for friends and family with PlushCraft Fabric craft kits. These fun kits require no sewing and are mess free. Children simply follow a legend and punch pretty fabric to create wall art, journals, plushy friends, pillows and more. The PlushCraft line is rated for ages 5+. However, children as young as 3 can complete the kits with some help. It...[Read More]

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