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Endless Games

If you prefer a more lively get-together, then you’re in serious need of some adult party games. Santa’s Naughty Elf Auron has been at it again in Santa’s Toy Shop. From Endless Games comes a new party game that will have you embarrassing yourself in order to win. Introducing “That Was Awkward Adult Party Game.” If you’re a fan of Adult-rated games, and have the mentality “...[Read More]

pie face game

Your holiday family game night just got a whole lot more fun,  sweeter and messy. Under license from Rocket Games, Hasbro Inc. has brought forth once again the Pie Face game and it is here just in time for all those holiday gatherings. I am predicting that this will likely be the top game of the 2015 holiday season. The excitement around the Pie Face first heightened earlier this year after a vide...[Read More]

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