Tips for Wearing Jewelry While Still Looking Like a Professional

The way that a person dresses for work says a lot about their commitment to the job. They know the business environment isn’t the time to showcase their sexy or casual side. So, they put on the appropriate attire each day. However, their jewelry choice may ruin the professional reputation they worked hard to build. Instead of wearing pieces that may come across as tacky or cheap, they can convey s...[Read More]

Poppy Angeloff

Color is hugely important. Some people love dressing all in black from head to toe. Others find themselves innately drawn to brighter, richer colors. Such is the case with Lime Crime cosmetics founder, and designer Doe Deere. She’s always found colors of all hues fascinating. Her designs have always been at least in part about playing around with colors of all kinds. In her latest venture Po...[Read More]

enesco canada

With a new season already upon us, we’re all looking to give our wardrobe a little update. Jewelry is the easiest way to take an ordinary outfit and make it outstanding. This seasons collection from Absolute Jewellery boasts an extensive range of stunning yet affordable jewellery pieces. From long chains that you can team with shorter statement coin necklaces to charm bangles that are crying out f...[Read More]

simply eartha

The Simply Eartha brand, established by Shapiro as a tribute to her mother and a sharing of empowering messages, started with the launch of home décor items that utilize the images, handwritings and wisdom of Eartha Kitt. The Simply Eartha jewelry continues the brand offering an environmentally friendly practice in producing 100% made in the U.S.A. products with personal connections. The jewelry l...[Read More]

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