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While leggings have topped the fashion trends for quite some time now, there cannot be a better time than the holiday season to add a few pair of new leggings to your wardrobe. From Du North Designs LtdĀ  comes flattering yoga pants, and fashion leggings in fresh colors and fabulous fun prints for whatever trend you’re following this season. Leggings also make a great Christmas gift when shop...[Read More]

Du North Designs Ltd.

Throughout history, both men and women have worn leggings to keep warm in cold climates or to prevent chafing during strenuous activities. While Leggings are still used for this today, they have become more a fashion icon for women. Leggings come in knee, Capri, stirrup and ankle-length. Length entirely depends on the personal preference. There are many types of leggings, ranging from different ma...[Read More]

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