activity books


As a parent, you want your children to begin their lives on the right foot. You enforce a strict bedtime and send them off to school with a healthy lunch. As a parent you encourage them to put down their electronic devices and pick up a book.  Mom and dad you play a vital role in your child’s cognitive, psychological, and creative development. Why not also encourage them to do something most kids ...[Read More]

Flip 'N' Check

There is  nothing more magical than an unplugged childhood. Learning doesn’t just have to come from a tablet. Technology and the latest apps are great, but I’ll opt any day for a book.  From learning activity books that teach kids how to recognize and write letters to books that teach them how to draw, activity books are the perfect learning activity and a wonderful way to sharpen young mind...[Read More]

once upon a craft

Christmas is coming! Do you know what that means? It means, aimlessly wandering your local mall wondering what to buy for the child on your Christmas gift giving list. Though the market is flooded with toys for children, I myself have always been a fan of books. Educational Insights aims to make learning fun by combining reading, with imaginative play and at the same time inspiring creativity. The...[Read More]

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