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A tisket, a tasket, what should I put in my child’s Easter basket? Today’s Woman has the answer with some great ideas from our friends at Hallmark Canada, which are sure to be a hit. Request a Song Mimi Have you met Mimi? Request a Song Mimi is a sweet little mouse with a whole lot of heart. Simply tell Mimi which of her seven original songs (sung by Hallmark’s own Carolina Ferna...[Read More]

Bunny’s First Spring by Sally Lloyd-Jones For Christians, Easter is a time when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One way that we can teach children about the death and resurrection of Jesus is through books. Though the following picture book for 4-8 year olds from best-selling author Sally Lloyd-Jones doesn’t contain an overly gospel message, nor is it the Easter story explaini...[Read More]

We’re dreaming of Spring and with the new season, comes Easter and some fun new Easter apparel from the fine folks at Appaman launched in the summer of 2003.  Since then they have grown at a steady pace, adding to the collection every season, expanding with fun pieces and exploring new lines. The best part about the new fine tailor line us that these 2015 spring pieces aren’t just East...[Read More]

Building Your Child’s Self Esteem By Tankya K Every morning before work I take a few extra minutes and put a special note in my daughter’s lunch. Lunch Notes are a wonderful way to build self esteem. If you don’t already put lunch notes in your child’s lunch, I encourage you to do so. Lunch notes can make all the difference in your child’s school day. I’ll be honest, ...[Read More]

Hank Finds an Egg There are many great Easter books for children. Some deal with the religious significance of the holiday, while others deal with bunnies and Easter eggs. Today I bring you a different kind of egg, but whose egg is it? Enter the wonderful handmade world of artist Rebecca Dudley, as you embark on a silent journey with Hank- a small, animal with a big heart. “Hank Finds an Egg...[Read More]

March 17th is just around the corner, and although St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, that does not mean you can not celebrate the day to its fullest.  We all know the rule for St. Patrick’s Day: wear green, or you’ll get pinched.  It appears our reviewer, Tanya will celebrate the day at work, by sporting some funky green St. Patrick’s Day straw Glasses from ou...[Read More]

If you have a young girl or young boy for that matter, I am pretty certain you have heard all about the Rainbow Loom craze. Rainbow Loom is so popular that even adults are trying this new hobby out. If you don’t know about the Rainbow Loom, let me tell you about it. Rainbow Looms are elastic rubber band bracelets that are created on a plastic grid with notches, called a loom. Rainbow Loom wa...[Read More]

Instagram has become one of the rising stars of social media. My 21 year old son is highly addicted. He may not have 27 million followers on Instagram; then again he isn’t an American television and social media personality, with a booty-baring selfie. Nonetheless, with diligent effort he has reached 800 followers, which isn’t bad for an Ottawa university student who loves taking photo...[Read More]

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