Backyard Beautiful

How to Keep Your Backyard Beautiful in Winter

Although you might be impressed with the way that your backyard looks during the summer months, you might almost give up as soon as winter hits and all the flowers that usually adorn your garden wilt. If you’re fed up with the way your backyard looks during the winter months, here’s what you can do to keep your backyard beautiful.

Backyard Beautiful

·       Look for Winter-Flowering and Hardy Plants

Firstly, your backyard doesn’t have to be empty all winter long. Instead, there are many winter-flowering plants that you can choose from to add colors such as oranges and purples to your garden from September until March.

You might also look around for berries, which are popular options as soon as the leaves start to fall. These plants usually even flower during the spring, meaning that they’re always able to add something to your yard.

You should also consider looking for hardy trees that can look full and will flourish no matter what the weather is like outside. These will stay the same all year round, meaning that you don’t have to replace all your plants every few months.


·       Maintain Your Lawn

Backyard view from home on a cold winter snowy day

One of the things in your backyard that remains through every season is your lawn. This means that you should try and get it to look its best in winter, too. Your lawn might start to get muddy and sparse during poor weather, especially if it has recently rained a lot.

However, you can prevent the winter weather from damaging your lawn by mowing less frequently, getting rid of moss and excess water, and trying not to walk on it too much with heavy boots. If you’re struggling to get it to look its best, and it feels horrible underfoot, you should consider looking for a guide that can help with your attempts at maintaining a healthy lawn.


·       Sweep up Leaves

In order to prevent your backyard from looking constantly messy, you should make sure that you stay on top of the leaves in your yard to prevent them from taking over. By sweeping up these leaves and raking your lawn every few days, you can stop them from becoming mulchy and being harder to clear up in the long run. This can make sure that your lawn looks clean at all times, and that none of your grass or plants get damaged underneath them.


·       Cover Your Delicate Plants

If frost or snow is forecast, you should consider covering your delicate plants with fleecing materials. You might also move the ones that you don’t think will survive the colder temperatures to a more sheltered area of your backyard, or you might put them in an outhouse or within your home for the foreseeable future. This will ensure that they survive until the spring when they’ll be able to thrive again.


·       Consider Statues and Other Permanent Features

Backyard Beautiful

If you don’t want to worry about flowers and plants through the winter months, you should consider investing in statues, ornaments, and water features. These items can beautify your backyard and make it more attractive without the risk that you’ll lose them as the weather gets colder. However, you should always check that the options that you invest in are frost-proof.

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