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DIY concrete projects: from countertops to garden décor

DIY concrete crafting

concrete projects

Getting started

Concrete might seem like a tricky material to work with but it’s surprisingly manageable when used in the right way for the right concrete projects. Quick-curing concrete is the best for beginners as it’s easier to manipulate and allows you to complete your project in a matter of days.

Essential tools and materials

In addition to your chosen concrete – available in ready-mixed ‘just add water’ packets – you will need a variety of key tools that might not be in your everyday DIY kit.

Most important is a drill bit for concrete to reduce the risk of chips and ensure a clean finish and a dust mask to protect your respiratory health. Saws and sanders are essential to achieving a polished professional look. You’ll also need suitable moulds and containers depending on what you’re making and a flat surface so that your crafts dry level.


For a perfect finish, get a suitable sealer or multi-purpose paint. You’ll need two layers of sealant to safeguard the surface against damage from the outdoor elements. Using the concrete to make countertops? Choose a food-safe sealer.

Concrete projects

Concrete countertops

Concrete countertops

Do you have an outdoor dining area? Concrete countertops are an attractive and hardwearing option that can withstand all weather with ease.

You can pour your concrete directly onto the top of your island or create a mould and move the countertop to the island when dry. Remember to reinforce your island with mesh or rebar so it sits straight and stays strong. Pour the mixture slowly to avoid air bubbles and ensure it’s perfectly straight before leaving it to dry.

About two hours into the curing process, smooth off the surface with a stainless steel trowel for a flawless finish.

Concrete planters

concrete planters

Research has shown multiple health benefits to having houseplants and flowers in your garden. Create concrete planters to showcase your plants in innovative ways throughout the home.

One of the easiest yet most impressive ways to make concrete planters is to use plastic balls as a mould. These thin and attractive planters are attractive and can be displayed in many ways. Place them around the patio, string them up using chains and rope, or attach a magnetic strip to the back and showcase your plants on your fridge and filing cabinets.

Garden décor

Other concrete garden décor ideas go way beyond paving stones and planters.

Elevate your outdoor space with an impactful concrete fire pit, surrounded by stools and tables with concrete tops. You could even make little concrete candle holders to add a touch of romance to summer evenings in the garden.

Love a seasonal theme? Pumpkin-shaped planters and miniature ghosts are a great addition to your outdoor Halloween décor and painted eggs of all shapes and sizes will brighten an Easter party.

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