Kids Grow Into Healthy Adults

9 Habits That’ll Help Your Kids Grow Into Healthy Adults

Children can be easily influenced by their surroundings and the people they grow up with. Therefore, establishing healthy habits early on profoundly affects their long-term well-being and helps them grow into thriving adults. According to America’s health rankings, 28.4% of kids aged between 10 and 17   in Washington State were overweight or obese based on their age in 2021. This indicates how bad habits at an early age can lead to problems later on. Therefore, as a parent, you should try teaching some healthy habits early on. Here are some habits that’ll help your kids grow into healthy adults:

Kids Grow

  1. Eating healthy meals

child eating

Ensure your kids eat healthy meals, such as more fruits and veggies, and not empty calories. Cakes, candies, fast food, and soft drinks have no nutritional value. These can harm your child’s teeth and ruin their dental health. Over 52 percent of American kids have problems related to tooth decay. Statistics also indicate that kids in Snohomish failed to meet Washington State’s objectives for Healthy People 2020. 21% of kids had more than 7 teeth with decay and cavities.

While eating healthy is important, taking your kids to a dentist is no different. Contact the top Snohomish pediatric dentist and schedule an appointment with them online. They’ll intervene professionally and look into your kid’s oral health thoroughly. If your child is suffering from a hidden dental health issue, an experienced pediatric dentist in Snohomish is the right person to address this problem. Taking care of your kid’s rotting teeth and weakening gums right now will help them retain their dental health in the future.

  1. Staying physically active

Kids Grow

A sedentary lifestyle significantly harms your kid’s well-being. Children need to be physically active at their age so they can grow into healthy adults. Physically inactive kids can develop high blood pressure and only lifelong ailments in the future.

Teach your kids not to be couch potatoes. Limit their screen time so they may engage in other healthier activities. Let them run around, play with their pals, and come up with creative games. It’ll help them stay mentally sharp and physically active.

  1. Never skipping breakfast

Eating healthy meals

In 2021, 3 in 4 high school kids admitted to never eating breakfast that year. Breakfast is considered the day’s most important meal, but most kids ignore its significance.

As a parent, you should encourage your kids to eat breakfast every morning before going to school so they can grow into healthy adults. You can do that by cooking their favorite meals in the morning and letting them be a part of the whole cooking process. It’ll make breakfast an essential part of their daily routine as adults.

  1. Drinking plenty of water

Christmas shopping

Some 20% of kids don’t drink enough water; they drink soda and other sugary drinks excessively. This is extremely unhealthy because soft drinks will just ruin their health. Teach your kids why soda is bad for them as it doesn’t have any nutrition and can lead to weight problems.

Make your kids drink more water or its tastier alternatives, such as OJ, smoothies, milkshakes, and other healthy drinks.

  1. The value of money

Data shows that just 4 in 7 Americans are financially unsavvy, and this lack of money management skills can easily turn into a grave problem because of inflation, recession, and global crises. Instead of letting your kid resort to costly financial experts as an adult, you should teach your kid the value of money early on.

The value of money

Teach your child to be money-smart and the importance of saving up some of their earnings. They can earn money by completing small chores around the house (and getting paid by you). Play games with them like Monopoly so they understand a little about finance. It’ll make them more money-conscious.

  1. Maintaining good hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene

Proper hygiene practices have become necessary for kids and adults in these post-coronavirus days. That’s why you should teach your children proper hygiene habits to lay the bricks of healthy and productive adulthood years. These cleanness habits include bathing, brushing, flossing, handwashing, and personal care. Show your kids the importance of staying clean and avoiding germs.

Teach them to wash their hands with food before eating their lunch or after using the toilet. These few simple habits will prevent them from contracting serious diseases later.

  1. Getting sufficient sleep

child health

Only 50 percent of US children get 9 to 10 hours of sleep. It’s affecting their health and interfering with their academic progress. A poor sleep schedule can continue to affect their well-being as they grow up and hinder their future job performance and domestic lifestyle.

Help your kids establish a consistent sleep schedule by removing distractions, prohibiting the use of phones and other gadgets before bedtime, and making their bedrooms comfortable enough to induce quick sleep. Adequate sleep is important for your kids’ growth, development, and lifelong well-being.

  1. Socializing with friends

Socializing with friends

It’s normal for some kids to be introverted and prefer their own company. However, you should teach your kids to go out of the house sometimes and interact with their friends and neighbors. Show them the importance of socializing by inviting their friends to your house or visiting their pals’ homes.

If your kid is shy and doesn’t like to go out, take the initiative and bring them on a trip with you to nearby places of interest, such as theme parks or restaurants. Play sports with them and show them how to throw and catch a ball. Be your kid’s best friend at home and their confidant!

  1. A positive body image

body image

Around 20% of students suffer from low self-esteem and declining confidence levels. Low self-esteem is linked with anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Many different reasons account for why students have self-esteem issues, such as a negative body image.

Parents should promote a positive body image from the very start. Help your kids enjoy a healthy relationship with their bodies and accept who they are! Encourage self-acceptance, emphasize their inner qualities, and make them appreciate their unique character traits.


Kids Grow

This blog explains how to navigate the path toward raising healthy and resilient adults. If you wish to watch your children grow into healthy adults, follow the guidelines mentioned above and promote healthy habits at an early age, such as handwashing, healthy eating, proper sleeping, and others. These habits will set the foundation for thriving adulthood in your kids and keep them healthy as they grow.

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