Bathroom Decor Ideas for Your Modern Home

BathroomsBathrooms these days are used for more than one purpose. They have come from a normal restroom to spaces of symbol of elegance to a modern de-stress room. People have become more creative and come up with various out-of-box bathroom decor ideas.

A new idea is on the rise that in a modern home, a bathroom must be as decorated as in the main hall. There are multiple ways to decorate a bathroom. They range from setting up candles, having a musical system, having multiple themed walls, and playing with colors.

Another amazing addition to your bathroom can be bathtubs. Aside from its relaxing features, there are many styles to choose from which can add to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

There are many more bathroom decor ideas that you must know before diving into the deed.

Bathroom Decor Ideas


Bathtubs are slowly becoming the must-haves in any modern home. People who are rejuvenating their homes too are more interested in switching to using a bathtub. Such a legacy is seeded by bathtubs in the minds of the people. So, decorating bathtubs never goes out of fashion.

Here are the two most popular types of bathtubs today:

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding Bathtub

These tubs, from the name itself, are stand-alone tubs. The installation would not require fixed placements as they can stand on their feet. This feature makes it easier for house owners to relocate the tub. There would be no other parts of the bathroom that need to be dismantled or removed once they decide to change the position.

One of the most common variations of the freestanding tubs is the clawfoot tubs. What sets this tub apart is the elegant design of its feet. Its feet are likened to vintage designs making it perfect for classic-themed bathrooms.

Alcove Tubs

 Alcove Tubs

Alcove tubs are also known as three-wall tubs. That is because three sides of this tub are fixed to a wall. This kind of bathtub is perfect for those who have limited bathroom space.

It is also usually used as a shower space making it an even more practical solution for space-saving. Some alcove tubs even come with drawers or cabinets that can be used to store other bathroom essentials.

The Colour of the Bathroom

The colour of any room captures its essence, and the bathroom is not and should not be an exception. The majority of people prefer a neat bathroom with white colour. But few unique crazes have other thoughts. For example, some paint their bathroom green to have a peaceful nature theme.

Bathroom colours should never be restricted only to walls. Colour considerations should also include other bathroom components, such as the bathtub. When choosing which colour to paint your bathroom walls with, always make sure that it also matches or complements the surrounding accessories.

These kinds of bathroom designs would play a big role in keeping a relaxing space.

Bathroom Layout

Creating an appropriate and functional bathroom layout is not as easy as you think. There are many factors to consider including the total space you are working with.

Naturally, the other factors, such as kind and number of accessories you can out depend on the size of the bathroom. So, before going on a buying spree, make sure that you have the correct measurements.

Another important factor to consider is bathroom safety. If the bathroom will be mostly used by old-aged people, then accessibility should be the priority. They should be able to access all essential bathroom components easily.

Appliances for a Better Bathroom

Having small bathrooms is one of the most regretted actions of many homeowners. If your bathroom is too small to place showers along with tubs, don’t worry. You can make it more purposeful by adding many using a few appliances.

Many modern appliances were invented to make your bathroom better. By adding them to your bathtub, you can make your small bathroom an all-rounder for a comfortable bath site.

An apt deck to the tub, a rim-mounted faucet, and a tall shower riser can make a tub multi-purposeful in a small space. You can decor your tub with a metal shower enclosure mounted on the ceiling for shower curtains.

Have proper lighting that complements the paint of the bathroom. You can either use incandescent medium luminosity lights, dim lights, or even candles as in a vintage style. None’s going to question you.

Use an Internet-of-Things(IoT) powered water heater, automatic freshener sprayer, and water aerators for efficient water use. Let us be creative and environmentally responsible simultaneously.

A frameless shower screen will enhance the appearance of any bathroom and add to the beauty and value of your home.

Wrapping Up

From general bathrooms, their importance is increasingly becoming more of a restroom not only for euphemism but as a lifestyle. In the fast-flying days of these times, bathrooms provide temporary relief to your everyday stress.

So will it be great to leave such a place undecorated and unclean? Come on, pull up your socks and start decorating. Decor your bathroom, your home, and your heart. Your bathroom, your rights, and your creativity.

We wish you good luck in decorating your bathroom.

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