Coloring just got a lot cooler with Y’Art. The Y’Art Craft Kit, from Kahootz Toys, offers children a whole new way to create textile art by coloring with yarn. A Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard holds the yarn in place while your child fills in numbered areas with colored yarn.

How To Become A Y’Artist!Y’Art Craft Kit

To get started: Unbundle the yarn and guide one end through the pen, then pull out the other end to make a tail. Press the threaded pen tip against the Y’Art board so that it sticks.

You can find the colors numbered on the back of the box or get creative and use your own color pattern for the design.

Y’Art Craft Kit

Press hard on the Y’Art Pen like you would a crayon, making sure that you keep in contact with the pre-printed canvas. When you are finish one area, cut the yarn and press the end to the board to secure it. You can color in any pattern you like be it swirl, or zig zag pattern.

Then choose a new yarn color, thread it through the pen and continue in a new area. It is best if you start with the small areas first. You can also use your fingers as a guide for the yarn instead of using the Y’Art Pen. You will need a good pair of scissors to cut the yarn. Y’Art Craft KitThis is where younger children will need some assistance.

Y'Art craft kit

Once your Y’Art board is complete,  the back of the box your kit came in acts as a frame. Cut out the picture frame from the back of the box and tape it to the Y’Art board.

The World of Y’Art

Y'Art craft kitEach Y’Art craft kit comes with an 8×10 inch Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard,  a Y’Art Pen, 33 yards of premium yarn, an instruction guide, and a cut-out display frame. The regular Y’Art craft kit is available in five different designs:Unicorn,  Pug puppy, Flamingo, Llama and Narwhal.

While Y’Art, which rymes with smart is recommended for children age eight years and up, children as young as six will enjoy this fun craft. With Y’Art, there’s no worrying about coloring inside the lines or making a mistake. Y‘Art is opps-proof.

If you make a mistake, simply lift up the yarn and reposition it. Miss P  who is just six and a half had lots of fun making her Y’Art. Overall we think that  Y’Art would make the perfect Christmas gift for children who love crafts. It would be just as popular with boys as it would be with girls.

Y’Art Craft Kit


We have partnered with Kahootz Toys and are giving you a chance to win one Y’Art craft kit. The giveaway runs until Dec 1st and is open to residents 18 years and over.

Y’art craft kit giveaway

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    I think these kits are very cool. I have a niece that would adore them. they’re right up her alley. I think any kind of creative play is always beneficial for the children.

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    It’s great for kids to learn by following directions and having fun doing it. These are cute.

  3. Avatar

    Love the Y’Art and yes it would certainly be beneficial to kids,they love being creative!

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    My niece would love this

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    I think it’s quite creative. I really appreciate crafts that help my children make their own things.

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    Wow, this is really nice and I just love the idea that kids are not using the phone.

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    This is fantastic for children it would help with eye hand co-ordination skills

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    Yarn art is so cute! It would definitely encourage creativity.

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    This would be beneficial to kids because it requires patience and concentration. It would also improve Hand-eye coordination.

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    This looks like a lot of fun. I think my kiddos would enjoy giving it a try. 🙂

  11. Avatar

    These are great and they also help with Eye–hand coordination, and a lot better then screen time all the time!

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    This looks like it’s a lot of fun. I think my oldest granddaughter would enjoy this kit.

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    This is really a great art project. My granddaughter loves art.

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    Looks like fun

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    These are so cool, and I love that they can just pull the string up if they make a mistake

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    Oh my daughter would love this!

  17. Avatar

    Oh wow, MIss P made a lovely picture, I saw she is left handed. My two grandchidren are as well and neither of the parents are.

    • Rose DesRochers

      Yes she is and broke her left elbow recently, so is doing very well.


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