When you think of the best hashtags for Instagram, think of the digital advert billboards along the highway – the only difference is hashtags are free. Technically, hashtags work in the same way that billboards work, they help you create the right awareness and get a greater number of people to discover your account. However, in order to achieve the desired results, there should be a workable plan and a suitable strategy.

So how do hashtags work on Instagram?

hashtagging on instagram

Hashtagging brings more engagement

According to statistics, there is a 12.6% higher engagement rate for posts with whose captions include hashtags than those lacking one. Hashtags possess the potency to shoot how people interact with your account to new heights. Because they create leads to wider visibility, a higher number of people are wont to like, comment and repost content.

Hashtags Help You Get Sorted

Over 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram on a daily basis and hashtags help in getting these sorted. Sorting is the process through which Instagram decides which photo or video should appear on specific Feeds, Explore, Search and Hashtag pages.

Therefore, if you deploy the accurate hashtags for your account, there is a good tendency to get sorted into the proper community and get seen by users who are genuinely seeking out your brand.

Hashtags get you better categorization

Not everything you post will sell the same service or carry the same information. Using appropriate hashtags will help in proper categorization for your posts accordingly. For example, an Events Manager might post about event space today and in the next post, talk about events décor. Using #eventspace as her key hashtag on the previous post will help in categorizing it differently from #eventsdecor. Proper categorization helps you reach an optimal target audience.

Which are the best hashtags for Instagram?

They are simply those hashtags that help your account get discovered more. There is no hard and fast rule on what works best, you just have to discover it.

Here are simple tips you should know:

Study Your Followers

By taking a look at what your followers are searching for, you will be able to come up with the best hashtags for growing your account. Including the keywords of what sums followers’ frequent searches in your hashtags will get you the optimal results you desire.

Know What Similar Brands are using Hashtags

There are your competitors because they are doing something right. Knowing what they do will give you a clearer idea of how to go about using hashtags when making posts.

Know What Instagram Influencers are Hashtagging too
hashtagging on instagram

No one gets a huge amount of followers on Instagram out of the blues. Instagram influencers are usually rated and priced based on the number of followers and engagement rate. It is essential that you take a keen look at influencers and learn from their hashtagging experience.

Make Use of Hashtag Tools 

There are a number of tools that will suggest suitable hashtags for your account. While there are many tools, here are three of the best tools for Instagram hashtags – HashtagForLike, TagBlender, and PreviewApp.

Remember? No tagging, no bragging! Get your fingers #hashtagging now.


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    Didn’t know all this, but have been using company’s hashtags

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    hastags are great when you are searching for something

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    I am new to Instagram.I joined to follow my favourite craft artists.

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    Always important to have the right hashtag!

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    I always try and use the hashtag on Instagram when posting. Great post.


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