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Lovable Labels

Every year the school lost and found contains many personal items of clothing that are never claimed. The expense of lost gear can really build up.  Therefore, it is a cost-saving measure to label your child’s shoes, coat and other belongings. It makes finding them in the lost and found box easier.  And remember that your child’s items may look very similar to their classmates By label...[Read More]


It is hard to believe that we are already closing in on the end of summer. With a new school season upon us, now is the perfect time to stock up on back to school supplies and essentials! OOLY products will help inspire the creative artist in your child(ren) and make learning fun. Art Materials for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten For kindergarten age children, try OOLY arts and crafts supplie...[Read More]

Coreal duffle bag

It is hard to believe in little over a months time summer will be over and students will be headed back to school. High school and college age students will be getting ready for another semester of classes, and assignments. If you are wondering what to get your college bound child why not take it upon yourself to upgrade their gym bag with a stylish duffle gym bag from Coreal. A sturdy duffle bag ...[Read More]

Mysteries in Time Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are a great holiday gift option. Your recipient will be thankful every month when they get a new box. From monthly candy boxes to monthly coffee boxes you can pretty much receive anything at your door on a monthly basis The choices are really endless thanks to the World Wide Web. Of the many options of mail order activity boxes for kids available, I recently tried a ‘Myste...[Read More]

Learn To

Shop outside of the big box this upcoming holiday season and give the child on your list the gift of learning. Recommended for children 4 and up, learn to draw books feature easy-to-follow instructions, examples, and space for doodling. From princesses to Christmas theme books, from  trucks to T-Rexes, they’re several books to choose from. Children learn to draw by tracing helpful outlines, ...[Read More]

Christmas Designs Adult Coloring Book

Now, with the rise in popularity of adult coloring books, there are a whole lot of adult coloring books available including Christmas Coloring books for the holiday season. Whether you’re already a fan of coloring or new to it, you’ll love this Christmas themed adult colouring book from Peter Pauper Press. Christmas Themed Adult Colouring Book Review The Christmas Designs Coloring Book features 31...[Read More]

BIC Fight For Your Write Movement

Is cursive writing a skill that’s still worth teaching, or an out-of-date concept? I’m a parent in the pro-cursive corner. I firmly believe that hand writing is an essential skill for both children and adults.  I have always had a passion for writing, though I do admit that my handwriting has never been visually “pretty.”  My youngest son, who is a 5th year university student has...[Read More]


Next to a laptop, a laptop bag is one of the most important purchases a post secondary student will make. A good laptop bag needs to get them through the school year. A lot of factors go into shopping for the right laptop bag. The ideal candidate will not only protect their laptop, but will also feature a high storage capacity, good compartmentalization, and of course, style. Our top choice is the...[Read More]

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