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We all know the fairy tale where a frog is kissed by a princess, turning him into a prince before her very eyes. An abundance of novelty items, and t-shirts CloudB froguse the theme, as well as children’s picture books, mainstream fiction and as well  in Disney’s, The Princess and the Frog. While “The Frog Prince” fairy tale ends with a charming prince, this blog post doesn’t. Instead allow us to introduce you to a charming Twinkling Firefly Frog, a nursery must have from Cloud b that calms bedtime fears and helps children fall asleep.

Simply squeeze the frog’s webbed hand to hear crickets chirping or soothing music. Lights in the frog’s belly turn on and twinkle softly when  frog’s webbed hand is squeezed . Volume control on the opposite webbed hand can be set to six different levels. The Twinkling Firefly Frog shuts off automatically in 45 minutes giving your little one enough time to fall asleep. It also includes a storybook about the frog character. Read more…

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July 24th, 2014Appaman summer clearance

We have not been getting the Summer weather that we anticipated here in Ontario, Canada. In fact we have seen several cool days. Seeing how I can not Appamanguarantee Canadian weather, this ultra lightweight jacket from Appaman has become the perfect addition to  my daughter’s wardrobe  during the 2014 summer season. 

Made of 100% Nylon the jacket features a fully lined hood and body with two front pockets and a zip and snap front closure.  I am really impressed with how lightweight the jacket is. I requested a size 2 and it has just enough room for her to move around freely.  She also has just enough room under the jacket for a sweater making it also perfect for fall.  Available in sizes 2-17 it is a back to school essential. Read more…

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For a child is there anything more fun in the world than playing? Pay is a time filled with discovery, growth, and creativity.  Outdoor play is just as essential, if not more so. Playing outdoors not only promotes well-being, but physical development as well. According to reports children who are given ample amounts of time out doors have less stress then those who remain indoors.

There’s a  growing range of outdoor play equipment and exploratory items which helps the learning needs of our children. For instance, toddlers can Outdoor Sandbox with Canopydiscover a world of new things while digging in the dirt. A well positioned sand box becomes the ideal place for children to enjoy time outside. This adorable wooden sandbox from KidKraft  is made of weather-resistant wood and comes with a mesh cover that protects the sand in inclement weather. It also features a canopy that helps keep kids in the shade and out of the hot sun. Once children begin to play in the sand they will often be outside for hours. On a bright sunny day, this can cause issues, and a sandbox with a  canopy is really a great idea.

Outdoor Playhouse Read more…

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With wedding season upon us, now is the time that many of us are attending weddings. Every parent knows how difficult it can be to find boys formal Formalwear 101wear. Choosing wedding clothes for your son goes beyond slipping on his favorite button-up shirt and a pair of nice jeans.

Andy & Evan

Andy & Evan feature a wide range of boy’s formal wear made perfect for such an occasion as a wedding. Reflecting the latest fashion trends, Andy & Evan garments will give little boys the same perfectly groomed look as men when warn. Andy & Evan sizes start at 0-3 months and go all the way up to to size 7. Read more…

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It is that most wonderful time of the year. No it is not Christmas, but it feels like it! Our newest giveawaycomes to you from our good friends at Delta. DeltaFounded in 1962, Delta Hotels and Resorts has grown to become Canada’s leading hotel management company. Today, they boast a diversified portfolio of 40 city-centre, airport and resort properties.

They’re offering one of Today’s Woman lucky readers a one night stay for two guests at any available Delta hotel or resort property across Canada.

  • Certificate is subject to room availability at time of booking
  • Accommodation is based on a single or double-occupancy in a standard room.
  • Gift certificate excludes all incidental charges, parking,  and alcohol.
  • Certificate retail prize is $150.00

Delta is particularly welcoming to families.

Kids aged 17 and younger stay free when they’re visiting with a parent or guardian. Children aged six and under eat for free from the special children’s menu, and those aged seven to 12 years eat for half price when ordering from the regular menu. Upon check-in families receive a “Kids’ Essentials” kit for children under seven. Read more…

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  • Back to School Gift Guide 2014

    If you are interested in having your products displayed in our 2014 Back to School Gift Guide, please feel free to deliver your pitch. Inclusion is free, but we do require a product to review. Please contact us. We look very forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

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