Tug and the Tooth

Tug and the Tooth a New Tradition

Losing a first tooth is a huge milestone for children. Pretty much everyone can remember the excitement of losing a tooth when they were a child.  “Tug and the Tooth” is a new Tooth Fairy tradition that supports and celebrates children as they go through the timeless experience of losing their baby teeth. Tug and the Tooth was created by Heidi Whitaker, to help walk her oldest daughter through the...[Read More]

Brush Buddies

A beautiful, bright and white smile is a gift you can give your children year-round. Santa is so excited about brushing; he is planning to stuff their Christmas stocking with fun oral health gifts that will help them learn more about maintaining their dental health. A New Toothbrush Who doesn’t enjoy a new toothbrush? Brush Buddies make brushing teeth super fun. The company has developed a wide ra...[Read More]

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