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Shopkins Season 10

Shopkins are a range of tiny, collectable toys, which are based on grocery store items. Each plastic figure has a recognizable face and unique name. Like most young girls Miss P is obsessed with Shopkins. These cute collectible characters have taken over my house. Since their launch the summer of 2014 the Shopkins brand has become a global phenomenal. A 2017 report by the NPD group ranks Shopkins ...[Read More]

Meet the Shopkins- collectable toy craze

Meet Shopkins — the newest collectable toy craze that my daughter is crazy about! Crazy enough that I have driven two hours (there and back) just to purchase hard to find Shopkin characters. Shopkins are super cute, super tiny, grocery characters, which are making a huge splash. Over five million Shopkins characters are made every week. The brand has attracted a strong online fan base, garnering 1...[Read More]

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