Preschool games


After the excitement of that must have toy from Santa wears off kids can have a blast with the board game you got them. When it comes to kids games, Amigo games makes some great games for Children. One of our new favorites is Ring-A-Ding-Ding, a fun dexterity game for children age four and up. Ring-A-Ding-Ding includes 26 colorful stretchy bands similar to hair types, one bell, and 32 cards with d...[Read More]

Connect the Thoughts

Board Games make the best gifts as they bring family together.Welcome to “Connect the Thoughts” a fun new matching game from Amigo Games, which hones children’s visual recognition skills. The concept of the game is really quite simple. The game comes with: 80 Cards 1 Bell Instructions To set up the game, scatter the 80 cards in the deck face down on the table. Place the bell with...[Read More]

Yeti, Set, Go- Kid’s Board Game

From the makers of Yeti in My, Spaghetti comes Yeti, Set, Go. For children aged four and up the object of the game is to be the first player to kick your meatballs onto the mountain. Get four meatballs on the lower mountain ledges or get one up top, next to the Meatball Mountain flag. How to Play Players choose from one of four cute Yetis. Each Yeti has his own charming personality. Once players h...[Read More]

University Games

In Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street, children visit the neighborhood of make-believe. The game is based on the animated preschool series on PBS. With bright colors and cute illustrations from the show, the game challenges players to spin the spinner and move the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood characters around the game board, which is set up like Main Street. Whether your little one...[Read More]

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