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There are 49 days until Christmas. Have you begun Christmas shopping? In our effort to bring you the best gift for the season, today we are going to suggest two of our favorite logic games from SmartGames. The entire line of single player puzzle games from SmartGames, deserves such stellar recognition that it is hard not to recommend all of them as Christmas gift ideas! I am big on engaging activi...[Read More]

Writing Journals

While the blogosphere may have has reinvented the Internet and revolutionized how the ordinary person communicates with the world, adolescents and adults are still turning to a writing journal to organization their thoughts. For centuries, Journals have been used as a form of emotional release. Writing can do wonders for ones health. Are you aware that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, ...[Read More]

Mother’s Day is next weekend, but luckily there’s still time to find her that perfect gift. What better way to show mom that you love and appreciate her than with a personalized Mother’s Day gift from CafePress. A customized present from CafePress adds that extra special touch, and the best part is, your gift will be truly unique. At CafePress the types of personalized products t...[Read More]

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