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Kids Slipper Socks.

Snow is just around the corner here in Ontario. You know what that means. Yep, the cold, wet and snowy season. While my daughter loves the snow this mom is not a fan.  However, as a mom I make sure my daughter is ready for anything winter throws our way. That of course means a warm winter jacket, snow-pants, dozen of hats and sets of mittens as we all know how often a mitten or hat gets lost at sc...[Read More]

Doodle Top

Children of the 90’s might recall this next toy. It had a felt tip pen bottom that colored as you spun it. The toy is now back for a new generation of kids to enjoy. The Doodletop from University Games is the only spinning top that draws. To use: Simply insert the marker into the top, take off the cap, and spin like a regular top! The colorful results are similar in style to the drawings a s...[Read More]

Creative Fun Craft Tote

This holiday season give a gift that encourages a child’s creative abilities and keeps them busy thought out the Christmas holiday season.  With this gift, Kids ages 6 and up will enjoy working with glue and scissors to make their own creations. The Creative Hands Creative Fun Tote By Fibre-Craft opens up a world of let’s-build-this. Fibre-Craft has been making arts and crafts supplies since...[Read More]

Myfunvelope craft subscription service

If you are stumped on what to give someone this holiday season subscription box services make an excellent holiday gift. Nowadays, it seems like there’s a subscription box out there for everything. I recently stumbled upon Myfunvelope via Facebook. Myfunvelope is a Canadian craft subscription service for children ages 3-9. Every month, kids have the opportunity to explore art, and STEM (Scie...[Read More]

Burger press

Today, as people become more health conscious they have begun making their own hamburgers at home. When making homemade Burgers you don’t have to limit yourself to beef. You can make burgers out of ground turkey meat, ground pork, ground chicken, salmon or make vegetarian burgers. If you are going to start making burgers at home though, you may want to invest in a burger press. While there a...[Read More]


Teach your children that they can be anything they dream of being with a series of Get Real Gear dress up clothes from Aeromax toys. In 19997, Mark Levine launched toy company Aeromax toys with just one product, a tangle-free toy parachute memorialized in his Aeromax company logo. Twenty years later, and Aeromax products are now found in hundreds of retail outlets coast to coast. Sandra Bullock, J...[Read More]

Keep her lips smooth and soft with this all-natural Kiss Naturals: DIY Lip Balm Making Kit- winner of Dr. Toys Best Green Toy Award. Learn about what goes into lip balms when you mix the beeswax, shea butter and safflower oil to get the perfect formulation. Whether you choose to put it in a jar, or a twist-up tube, the all-natural lip balm from Kiss Natural will seal in moisture to protect the thi...[Read More]

Ice Cool - fun flicking board game

Ice Cool is a flicking dexterity game for two to four player, though it is better to play with four. The game plays out in about 30 minutes. It is recommended for children age 6 and up, though adults will enjoy the game as well. The game takes place in a school. The art work is pretty impressive, as each room has fun artwork to represent different rooms in a school — classroom, gym, cafeteria, etc...[Read More]

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