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In today’s day and age everyone has multiple electronic devices. It can be quite difficult to keep them all charged.  There is nothing worse than sitting in the emergency room with a sick child, and having your cell phone run out of battery and being no where near an outlet to charge it. This has happened to me all too often. These standard travel-sized smart charge power banks from toddygea...[Read More]

BlitzWolf VR Headset

Virtual reality is definitely a huge hit in 2017 with Mobile users. With Android, iOS, Xbox, Sony Playstation, YouTube, and of course Google Play it’s gearing up to be the next big thing. Maybe you haven’t heard of VR. Despite its new popularity there are many who are unsure what VR headsets do. My wife didn’t know what all the hype was about until she experienced it and my eldest daughter i...[Read More]


The busy travel season is about to begin. Traveling long distance with kids has always been quite a challenge for the larger part of the population. Apart from the dreadful long hours that you have to endure, there is also the issue of kids boredom and carrying around your luggage. There are times when an overnight bag just won’t cut it. In order to make your travels easier you need to find ...[Read More]

Cozy Handmade Designs – Handmade crochet knitwear

If there is one talent I wish I possessed that would be the ability to knit or crochet. When I was a young girl I tried my hand at knitting and truth be told it was something that I could not master. Luckily for me there are talented people out there like Ann Petrov that know how to knit and crochet and use their talents to make a living. This is a plus for someone like me who loves crochet and kn...[Read More]


I like to consider myself a responsible – defensive driver. I have 30+ years of driving under my belt without a single accident caused by my own self neglect or carelessness. Just last month though I was the victim of an accident involving another driver. The driver rear-ended me. Thankfully, aside from my wife having some whip lash, none of us were seriously injured.  I knew right then it w...[Read More]


My daughter is quite the fan of stuffed animals. Whether it  is her enormous collection of TY beanie boos or her Flopsies she is quite attached to her plush friends. The latest addition to her plush collection is Squishable. Squishables are known for their short extremities, round bodies, and extreme softness. You can’t get much more adorable than a Squishable stuffed animal. Not only does t...[Read More]


My almost five year old daughter repeatably asks to have her nails painted. As a mom I am concern about using cosmetics meant for adults on my daughter. That is when I started to do some research of my own. I must say I am shocked with my findings.  “According to David Suzuki Foundation 2010 report What’s Inside? That Counts, 80 per cent of cosmetics contain at least one ingredient linked wi...[Read More]

Raincoast Books

 One of the simplest family Christmas traditions you can create with your child(ren)  is reading a Christmas book together. One of our favorite activities to do during the holidays is to countdown the 25 days of Christmas by reading one special Christmas book a day.  With just ten days left until Christmas I have pulled some Christmas books out from storage and added a few new Christmas books to o...[Read More]

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