ays to Quickly Improve Your Academic Essay Writing SkillsWithout a doubt, having solid writing skills is important. By now, you’ve heard every possible tip out there, whether it be from your friends, tutors, or online articles with regards to writing an effective article. You may be thinking that those tips are not needed as there are plenty of essay writing service websites online where you can find someone to write your paper for you. This may be true. However, I want to provide you with a few bits of essay writing advice. This is important if you’re not ready to buy essay from a writing service and prefer to tackle it on your own.

How to make your essay a bit more polished
Start out by finding out what your tutor is looking for.

Before you  think about how to arrange your project, you should know what your tutor prefers/expects. For example, some professors are OK with contractions, while other professors consider  them to be taboo. No matter how hard it might be to find out your tutor’s requirements and preferences, ensure to consult her/him to see what they want you to include or avoid.

 Passive voice is no good.

The truth is that it’s impossible to avoid passive voice in some cases. Nonetheless, your prose will feel less engaging if you make use of tons of passive voice constructions. Thus, some balance should be observed in the text.

Remain concise.

This is a big deal. When writing an essay that includes complex ideas, it’s not easy to condense everything into five hundred or one thousand words. Even so, it’s crucial to practice this by scanning sentence by sentence to see if you need every word, phrase or sentence you’ve provided.

Find an editor.

It might be helpful to approach someone to check your piece, highlight especially wordy sentences, and provide some suggestions. No matter how tempting it is to use every big word that you know and cram a bunch of academic jargon, it’s better to simplify your prose without dumbing down your arguments.

Avoid the Thesaurus.

If you’re planning to rely on a thesaurus – don’t. Without a doubt, it’s quite tempting, but more basic words are the best choice to get your key point across, and many tutors and professional writers will say that they like simple words over complex ones.

Find someone who is wondering how to become a better writer.

If you’re assigned with the essay writing tasks every so often, the chances are pretty good that there are students who need to enhance their writing skills as well. Even though writing is the kind of a solitary activity, the time to find a writing partner may come sooner or later. Talk to your class mates and ask some of them if they would be willing to check your essay – they may detect errors that you didn’t notice and give you potential suggestions on how to fix them. Getting a writing partner is also an awesome opportunity to hold yourself accountable and keep going.

Practice is the mother of success.

One of the most basic tips on how to boost your academic writing is to practice as much as possible. If you really want to improve your essay writing skills as well as style, reading and writing more will help you master the technical rules and have a better feel for what is good and what isn’t.

There are many, many other writing recommendations out there, but do not get overwhelmed. Make sure to detect your main weaknesses based on your professors.


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