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Activa Products, Inc.

Color Plus Air Dry Clay is a colored air drying clay that is natural and self-hardening. Once dry, the clay achieves the strength, hardness and solidity of ceramics which have been fired. The clay is non-toxic, odorless and the color won’t stain your hands. We made hearts with our Color Plus Air Dry Clay, but you can use the clay for all kinds of ceramic projects. It is really easy to mold, ...[Read More]

Art Supplies: Coloured Pencils & Adult Coloring Books

Contrary to what you may think, coloring is not just for children. Coloring books bring a great deal of stress-relief to a growing number of adults. Taking a crayon or colored pencil to paper triggers and stimulates the brain areas associated with motor skills, creativity, and the senses. As stress relievers, these adult coloring books are truly helpful in lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety...[Read More]

Kwik Stix

Painting opens up a world of color for young children and is a wonderful way for them to express emotions, convey ideas, and explore. Like most moms the one thing I dislike about painting is the mess that comes with it. Thankfully there are mess free painting alternatives available.  Imagine, the ability to paint without water, cups, paintbrushes and aprons. This sounds almost too good to be true,...[Read More]

Super shrink by Peter Pauper Press Inc. has really taken me back to my own childhood. When I was a child we had fun with a similar craft by the name of Shriky Dinks. I was so excited to try the Super Shrink it with my daughter and create a similar childhood memory. This incredibly fun kit includes 8 Shrink It sheets pre-printed with neat designs, 8 pencil crayons and instruction booklet. This craf...[Read More]

Easter is  two weeks away and my darling daughter is already gearing up for the holiday by adding Easter dazzle to note books, wallets, DYI Easter cards for her friends and more, thanks to ‘Foil It’ a foam sticker activity kit from Peter Pauper Press. I must admit that I was a little skeptical about this product at first. Although the box was attractively decorated with bright metallic colou...[Read More]

Coloring books for adults have become the latest trend, and unlike some fads, this one is actually really good for you. In April of 2015, I had the idea to use coloring as a form of brain therapy for my daughter Megan- a brain injury survivor. “The practice of coloring generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity”, sites an articl...[Read More]

Lumination Glow Stick Markers

The Lumination Glow Stick Markers are the world’s first glow sticks that write! No black light needed to watch your creations glow in the dark. With five awesome colors (each sold seperte) and tekfelt sticker sheets to customize, the creations are endless. After following the simple instructions of snapping the tube, shaking and then drawing with these fun glowing markers, we were impressed with t...[Read More]

SmartLab Toys

Chosen by Today’s Parent as one of the top 90 toys for Christmas 2015, All-Natural Spa Soaps by SmartLab Toys teaches kids about the chemistry of soap making. This kit includes the basics you’ll need to get started: 5.28 ounces of clear glycerin soap base, 5.28 ounces of white glycerin soap base, and 1.59 ounces of glycerine soap pigment in three different colors. Each 5.28 oz glycerin...[Read More]

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