Top Trends for Sexual Health and Wellness in 2022

Top Trends for Sexual Health and Wellness in 2022

Everyone loves a good romance, albeit a paperback or chick-flick. Although, as accepted as fanciful romance and unrealistic expectations are, a taboo topic is sexual health and wellness. While a good romance is all well and good, if you don’t have a foundation of sexual wellness, it does little to help our progression.

Despite it rarely getting discussed, sexual health and wellness are extremely important.

So, today, we are going to rip off the proverbial bandage and discuss the top trends for sexual health and wellness in 2022:




The newest trend is reliable education and information about sexual health and wellness. Unfortunately, the unmentionable nature of this topic breeds misinformation. Therefore, it isn’t easy to know whether the information you once took as the truth holds any solid basis in the real world. Despite all the available information, old wives’ tales and superstitions are still prevalent throughout the sexual health and wellness arena. Sadly, misinformation is much more widely accepted than the truth simply because it is easier to gossip fodder.

The good news is the availability and gradual destigmatize of sexual health topics has helped propagate a new, more educational, and fundamentally helpful narrative.


Overall Health

Top Trends for Sexual Health and Wellness in 2022

The more comfortable people get with talking about sexual health and wellness, the more experts have come forward, explaining the benefits of sexual wellness and overall wellness.

If you have a solid grasp of your sexual health and wellness, you likely have better self-esteem, want to keep your body healthy, and are in a good place emotionally.



Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is a key component to finding out who you are and deciding your place in this world. Over the years, exclusivity about tolerance and education is slowly weaving into everyday conversation and understanding.

Yet, true exclusivity is still an issue for many people, extremely damaging to a person’s sexual health. If the outside world makes you feel like you cannot trust your body’s feelings and natural preferences, how can you build a foundation for positive sexual wellness? You can’t.

People need to know that they are not alone and genuine resources are available to help them learn about their sexuality. Without that basic availability of information, people can’t explore how they are feeling truly. So, they bottle it up and hold on to negative, often false information because they’ve never gotten exposed to a healthier option.

Therefore, exclusivity and acceptance play a key role in advancing overall sexual health and wellness trends.



Self-care is a hot topic generally. Spa days and tricks for easier beauty and functionality are all the rage. However, self-care is also at the forefront of the conversation about positive sexual health and wellness.

Yes, it usually does take two to tango, but there is much more to sexual health than just what you do with your partner. Most of the development of your sexual well-being gets based on self-care. Some people take this very literally, focusing on either sex toys or education and self-sexual development.

However, you get the most out of your pursuit when you stop segregation these vital aspects and start incorporating them collectively as part of your overall self-care routine.


Intimacy Outweighs Physicality

Top Trends for Sexual Health and Wellness in 2022

Throughout this article, you may have already noticed that much of your sexual health and wellness has very little to do with actual sex. This realization is good, as to understand this is to topple yet another damaging stereotype.

While sex is a common byproduct of practising good sexual health and wellness, it is not the end goal. (Even though most social stigmas would have you believe it is.) Rather, the intimacy and understanding of oneself is the true goal of sexual health and wellness.

Therefore, if you focus on intimacy with your partner, but more importantly, with yourself, through education, understanding, and, yes, practice, the result will be a well-rounded, positive experience.

In summation, while the sexual wellness market and its trends continue to increase, according to market research, it is far from typical for individuals to feel comfortable discussing it.

Fortunately, the tides are turning, and this extremely important aspect of our health and wellness is starting to gain traction. Gathering information and understanding about sexual health and wellness is the first step to helping vitalize this notoriously taboo topic.


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