How To Make Your Car Last Longer

No matter whether you have spent many thousands or a few hundred dollars on a car, you’ll need – and hopefully want – to look after it. You’ll want to do all you can to make it last as long as possible. If you can do that, your money will go further, and you won’t have to spend out on a new car before you’re ready. As well as this, if you can make your car last longer and take care of it during that time, it will cost you less than a car you don’t take care of, and that has to be repaired all the time. This has to be a good thing. With that in mind, here are some ideas to help you make your car last longer; put them into practice, and you should see a difference in how your car runs and how long it lasts for you.


Drive Carefully 

driving car

When you think of how to make your car last longer, the idea of driving it may not come to mind. In fact, you might even think that driving it less is the best option. After all, the less you use it, the longer it will work. This can be a problem, though; if you need to drive somewhere, there isn’t much point in denying yourself the use of your car – that’s why you bought it after all.


However, if you always ensure you drive carefully, you can certainly extend the life of your car. You might think you currently drive carefully but is this really the case? It could be that, after years of driving, you have fallen into bad habits, so it’s worth assessing your driving style and changing if need be. Driving without care and attention can lead to dents and scrapes, which can lead to rust. On top of that, you can damage your engine. To keep your car in the best shape, follow the rules of the road.


Store It Inside During Winter

When you leave your car outside during the colder months, it can shorten the life of the vehicle. This is due to the weather; cold weather affects your vehicle negatively in terms of the body work but also regarding the engine. Plus, when you use the car in winter, you’ll have to wait for the windscreen to clear or scrape the ice away, both of which lead to potential damage, and the former leads to pollution.


Therefore, it’s a good idea to find some kind of storage space for your car. Ideally, you’ll have a garage at home. If you do, make sure it’s safe and secure by looking at a sectional door for garages to allow access to those who need it and prevent thieves from getting inside. If you don’t have your own garage, could you rent one nearby? Or perhaps you could use a tarpaulin to cover the car overnight to keep it more protected – it’s not as good as keeping it inside, but it’s better than nothing.


Top Up The Fluids 

Volkswagen Touareg

When was the last time you checked the fluids – oil and water – in your car’s engine? If the answer is never, or you can’t remember, it was too long ago. Ideally, you should be checking these levels once a week or so, and certainly before any long journeys. Make sure you top up the levels when they are low, and your engine will last much longer.


Trying to drive without oil or water in your car is dangerous; it can lead to malfunctions and breakdowns, which, apart from being expensive (and in some cases impossible) to fix, will mean you end up stranded by the side of the road, potentially with your car on fire. Checking the levels regularly can prevent this and help your car stay working for longer.

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