Microsoft MCSA 70-697 Exam

Take the Microsoft MCSA 70-697 Exam

More and more technologies are being introduced in just a short span of time. And with all these technology updates, it is essential for IT people to keep up or else they’ll lose their value in no time. As an IT individual, being consistent and persistent with your career goals is a must. You don’t just settle for less―you incessantly aim for the best.

And a famous Microsoft certification exam continues to make waves in the IT industry. Microsoft exam Microsoft MCSA Cloud Certification is a valuable addition to your profile as it unlocks your familiarity about Window devices. Focusing on certain objectives, candidates will be able to refine their proficiency in terms of configuring user data, mobility options, networking, security, storage, recovery and other related topics.

To survive the IT competition, here’s how to pass the exam and become a sought-after IT professional.

Configuring Windows Devices: Exam MCSA 70-697Configuring Windows Devices

So, what is this significant certification exam all about?

Microsoft Exam MCSA 70-697 gives you the knowledge you need about Windows 10 devices. It establishes your know-how in Microsoft Windows devices in a more comprehensive way. As a result, candidates who successfully pass the exam take their technical proficiency to a whole new level. Its related certifications are MCSA: Windows 10 and MCSE: Mobility.

Main Objectives

The topics spin around Managing Identity; Planning Desktop and Device Deployment; Planning and Implementing a Microsoft 365 Solution; Configuring Networking and Storage; Managing Remote Access, Data Access and Protection, Apps, Updates and Recovery. All these objectives are equally divided, hence equal percentage during the exam.

Intended audience

The exam is designed for those with a background in Windows device support and system administration. Candidates must be equipped with experience in creating solid identities, securing content, application management via Microsoft Store or company portal and virtualization with Hyper-V. Further, familiarity in Windows networking technologies, including Microsoft Intune and Active Directory is important too. And if you have knowledge about desktop management, maintenance, troubleshooting and security, then, you’re the perfect candidate for this certification exam.

Ways to prepare the exam

Preparing for an exam needs your 101% dedication. Remember, this certification test is unlike any other petty tests you’ll encounter on a daily basis. Often than not, it helps you shape your career in the long run. But don’t be intimidated with the level of difficulty because everything is possible with the right amount of preparation.

To begin with, make sure that you create a study outline and touch all the topics to fully understand the concepts before the scheduled day of the exam. Manage your time properly so that there will be extra time for you to review and take some practice tests.

Recommended study materials

There are lots of sources you can utilize for your Microsoft Exam MCSA 70-697 preparation. After knowing the exam objectives, it’s time to get into different study materials. Find the study resource that works for you.

BooksExam Ref 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices (2nd Edition)

Start with the highly recommended book – Exam Ref  Configuring Windows Devices, Second Edition by Andrew Bettany and Andrew Warren. Use this as your initial reference and put notes to it if needed. After getting significant information from the book, you can now move on to more comprehensive references, either the instructor-led training or the self-paced training.

Training courses

There are two instructor-based courses, both of which are 5-day classes. These training sessions provide you with more methodical grasp about Implementing and Managing Windows 10 and Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services. As a result, you’ll be more furnished with important facts that harness your critical-thinking and decision-making skills.

If you plan to take the preparation in your hands, then get on with the self-paced training that discusses subjects about Windows 10 desktop, including device deployment, storage configuration, networking and support. This also discourses about managing remote access, data access and security and system recovery. Because of the systematic topics, it is recommended for you to have a PC with fast Internet access so that you can apply what you learn and assess your mental preparedness.


Another great way to amplify your technical skills is to find relevant dumps. Braindumps are provided by real people to help aspirants in their journey. This means that you’ll be able to broaden your exam preparation through these practice tests. Using braindumps is not that bad, as long as you know how to use it correctly.

Visit ExamSnap to get MCSA 70-697 reliable braindumps. Being checked by IT experts they will dive you into the world of exam questions and give you a picture of what you should expect at the real exam. ExamSnap’s dumps contain answers, which will help you find your weak areas in your knowledge. Moreover, these braindumps can be opened with the help of VCE Player, so that you can track your results and improve them in a short span of time. Accordingly, answering braindumps will help you build up your confidence needed during the exam. Choose actual braindumps from ExamSnap website and pass MCSA 70-697 exam easily. All these dumps are up-to-date so you’ll be guaranteed with the right and effective references.

Conclusion70-698 practice exam

New advancements mean new opportunities. So, don’t waste your time and make sure to set your career goals. It’s never too late to aim high. As soon as you pass this tricky exam, applying for a job or getting into a career jump would not be that difficult. The job opportunities are simply overflowing; you can get a position in IT Administration or IT support. You can also get a job in Cloud services and technologies.

So, if you are an IT professional eyeing to ace an interview or ready to advance your career, you’ll never go wrong with a Microsoft credential like Exam MCSA 70-697 as your backup validation. This certification exam will surely catch the attention of the employers and help you get that high-ranked job with higher pay.

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