Fever Temperature Indicators

FeverMates by Mediband is a child friendly fever indicator recommended for children 12 months and up, which allows parents FeverMatesto monitor their child’s temperature up to 48 hours. Available in an eight pack, the hypoallergenic adhesive fever indicator sticker is to be applied to your child’s forehead, though it can also be applied to the shoulder blades, under the arm or on the chest.

These little stick-on animals work by liquid crystals reacting to a child’s body temperature.

After application, you are advised to wait 30 seconds for one of the circle indicators to light up. I applied one to my daughter’s forehead and it took over a min for it to turn to a N, which indicated she did not have a fever. This was totally inaccurate as she did indeed have a low grade fever. The N was just faintly visible and not something you could make out if you were checking on your child at night without turning on a light.

For clarification, I also applied a FeverMate to myself, and it recorded that I had a low grade fever of 38. I checked the reading FEVERwith my thermometer and my thermometer temperature reading was normal.

My daughter loved the animal shapes, and did not mind having the Fevermate on her head- though after the original time of reading was up she kept removing the sticker and placing it back on her forehead. After- one or two removals the FeverMate no longer wanted to stick.

While Mediband recommends the product for children 12 months and up- they do have a warning on the package that the FeverMates do pose a choking hazard. My 30 month old daughter still puts things in her mouth, so personally I would not recommend these for bedtime use for younger children.

While I loved the concept behind FeverMate, this product  sadly failed for me. Disappointed to say I’ll stick to monitoring my daughter’s temperature the old fashioned way and use my Kidz-Med VeraTemp non-contact thermometer at night. Rectal temperatures are generally thought to be the most accurate for checking a young child’s temperature though.


Have you tried Fevermates? What is your opinion?


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6 thoughts on “Fever Temperature Indicators

  1. no? how does that work! lol I have a digital one that you can use orally and underarm, I always do his under his arm but I don’t like to through the night unless I check him and hes really hot because it always wakes him up and sometimes hes up for the rest of the night lol

    1. You simply set the thermometer to the body setting and point it at their forehead and click scan. Within seconds it will read their temperature and display it on the LCD screen. It gives an accurate reading most of the time.

  2. My son had a fever yesterday and I had to get up like every two hours all night to check him, but I juct felt him with my hand and he was fine but it would have been nice to know his temp without waking him up lol

    Its a great idea if it was accurate! It would be fantastic to have something that they could have on all night (no choking hazard) and we could check it at anytime without waking them up! Its a great thought but with it being the wrong temp, I would wake him up to cool him off for nothing lol

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