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As every parent knows, clothing is one of the largest expenses you have while raising children. The economy today is seeing more and more people buying second hand clothing for their children. Stocking your little one’s closet with secondhand clothes is one of the easiest ways to save money — since the used items are sold for a fraction of the price. For people who think that “used clothes” means tattered, you will be surprised just how new they look.

One of the quickest ways to shop for designer bargains is to search online. Recently I was introduced to the online website

Perfect Threads is a leading on-line retailer of like-new and new second hand children’s clothing. The website allows you to find styles or brands that otherwise may be unable to you or that you may be unable to otherwise afford. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy their children high end brand items, but thanks to Perfect Threads you can.

Clothing is collected through charitable organizations, such as schools, churches, and sports teams, who gather the clothes, and receive fundraising dollars for the apparel that is donated. The clothing is then sorted by Perfect Threads. Some of the clothing is sold on their online store, while the rest is donated to shelters, and families in need.

As a recent customer, I found the website super easy to navigate. They separate clothing by category- boys, girls, and women. Miss PWithin each category of clothing, there are sub categories allowing you to search for pants, tops, outerwear etc. Within those categories you will be able to search specifically by price, brand and size.

Perfect Threads also offers something that they call Bargain Boxes. There are some really great deals available in these Bargain Boxes! The clothing in the boxes has no rips, no tears, but may have been well-loved by their previous owners.

If my daughter was not in desperate need of some tops, I would have opted for a size 3 bargain box, as I noticed it had some summer clothes in it.

I ordered two three long sleeve tops, two pairs of jogging pants and a pair of jeans. (Items ordered can be seen warn by my daughter pictured right.) Everything arrived quickly, and was in excellent condition. A couple of the items didn’t even look worn.

An error was made while fulfilling my order. One of the items I order was the wrong size then what was stated on the website. Because, I was fully covered by the Perfect Threads Promise, I was refunded for the item, allowing me to place an order for a different pair of pants.

In addition to clothing, Perfect Threads also sells one of the most popular toys EVER made…Lego!

Shipping costs are dependent primarily on weight and destination province or state. However, if you purchase $50.00 or more, Shipping is absolutely free.

Kids outgrow clothing so quickly that it can cost a fortune to keep them dressed. make it easy and  affordable to purchase brand name clothes. My overall experience was a pleasant one and I certainly will be checking out the website regularly for new listings.

Where do you shop for second hand clothing?

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