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With wedding season upon us, now is the time that many of us are attending weddings. Every parent knows how difficult it can be to find boys formal Formalwear 101wear. Choosing wedding clothes for your son goes beyond slipping on his favorite button-up shirt and a pair of nice jeans.

Andy & Evan

Andy & Evan feature a wide range of boy’s formal wear made perfect for such an occasion as a wedding. Reflecting the latest fashion trends, Andy & Evan garments will give little boys the same perfectly groomed look as men when warn. Andy & Evan sizes start at 0-3 months and go all the way up to to size 7. Read more…

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Thermochromism is the property of substances to change color due to a change in temperature.  Mood rings are an excellent example of this. These rings del sol color changing teeswere a hit in the 80’s.  Some of my faithful readers might remember Hypercolor or Hypergrafix clothing, the color-changing T-shirts produced by Generra that were all the rage in the early ’90s. The secret to these shirts were thermochromism. The shirts were manufactured with two dyes: one regular dye that provides the constant “true” color of the fabric, and another thermochromism die that changes the color when exposed to warmer temperatures.

del sol color changing tees

Today,  Del Sol  is the world’s leading brand of color-changing apparel and accessories and the number-one promoted merchant on board Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Disney, Celebrity, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.”

Del Sol’s special formula for color-change technology was  first developed from a concept originally explored by NASA and the U.S. military. They have since expanded that concept and engineered their  own proprietary spectrachrome color-changing crystals that are found in all Del Sol products today. Read more…

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One item of clothing apparel that will never go out of style is the t-shirt. Once warn as a men’s undergarment, t-shirts have had their fair share of trends.   Five Finger TeesScreen printing on T-shirts first became popular in the 1950’s.  The 60’s made tye die t-shirts popular. The 70’s brought the ringer shirt and the 80’s brought us a wide selection of t-shirts used for personal expressions as well as crop shirts.

By the late 1990s, crop tops had become so mainstream that many schools- including my daughter’s began banning the garment in their dress code. The 90’s introduced us to Hypergrafix t-shirts and everyone I knew had at least one B.U.M. equipment shirt in their dresser drawer. Layering your t-shirt became a fashion statement in 2000.  As far as trends go, the t-shirt will never be out of style.

Since first introduced in the the 1980s, T-shirts have flourished as a form of personal expression. Continuing as a trend into summer 2014, clever word-plays, political messages and attitude filled comments are still seeing there way onto t-shirts.  Read more…

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Bamboo Training Shorts - BlackBamboo Training Shorts - Black

Bamboo clothing’s excellent wicking properties make wearers feel extremely cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than cotton. Clothes made from bamboo also naturally provide added protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Because of it’s antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties, bamboo is the ideal material for active wear. Bamboo fibers naturally possess a smooth and rounded surface, making clothing made from bamboo very wearable, even for people who have skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis.

Cariloha is a premier, luxury-brand retailer of products made from bamboo, offering apparel and accessory for men and women.  Cariloha’s ultra-soft bamboo fitness wear incorporates bamboo’s natural qualities of wicking away moisture, drying quickly and helping to keep the body thermal regulated – at the same time being extremely breathable. Read more…

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Uplifting nighties

Sculpted into a sultry silhouette of a signature modal blend,  take it from me, you’ll want to live in this little black dress all summer long!

Pajamas are no longer just for sleeping in. I in fact live in mine when I can.  Be it I want to putter around the house, or just even sit back and enjoy a pajama day, a pair of pajamas is my go to outfit. For me my perfect pair of pajamas is soft ,cozy and comforting. My perfect pajamas is the “long knot cocktail nightie” from “Uplifting Nighties.”

The nightie is made from a a 94% modal ,6% spandex blend!  Modal is a type of organic fiber developed by Lenzing Group in Australia. It is made from cellulose, usually derived from wood pulp. It has a soft, slinky texture, making it comfortable to wear. The fabric  is sometimes referred to as ‘artificial silk’.  Because the fabric is stretchy, it adds to the comfort. Have I mentioned that this nightie is comfortable?

Read more…

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