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Baby it’s cold outside! 

By Shawn DesRochers

It might be cold outside, but you can keep him toasty warm in his new Columbia  Millennium Blur JacketMen’s Millennium Blur Jacket- a perfect Gift for Christmas.

This super lightweight, waterproof-breathable winter jacket is fully-loaded with features that will keep him dry, warm, agile and protected during physically outdoor activity. Perfect for skiing, walking or snow plowing the drive way.

The jacket features a removable helmet-compatible storm hood, as well as a ski pass pocket, and design highlights such as underarm venting for cooling  down,  articulated elbows allowing aggressive elbow range of motion and built in sleeves to insure you stay warm with velcro straps around each wrist. Read more…

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December 16th, 2013Beasty Buddies- Fun Fleece Hats

Beasty BuddiesGeospace’s Beasty Buddies Hats

Its no secret that most kids hate to wear a hat during the cold winter months. One way to encourage your child to keep their hat on is by providing them with a silly hat that is  soft, comfortable, and fun to wear.

Beasty Buddies fleece hats make for a fabulous gift for children and adults young at heart, while at the same time providing ultimate warmth. These magical hats come in seven different characters, each dressed in their own unique personality traits. Read more…

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Warm Buddy

Here at Today’s Woman were are counting down the days until Christmas. Standing is part of the job for many women in Canada. Being on ones feet most of the day is a familiar story for assembly line workers, health care providers, restaurant servers and retail salesclerks. Prolonged standing  Heated slippersand walking leads to tired aching feet for many.

In addition to work related causes-  the stress caused by increased weight in pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, age and swelling of the feet and ankles, also called edema can all lead to painful feet.

Heat therapy for pain has been around for many years. The perfect gift to give someone suffering from foot pain or even yourself is a pair of warming slippers from Warm Buddy.  Read more…

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December 10th, 2013Stonz winter boots for baby

Avoid loosing baby’s boots this winter

stonz logo

Keep your little ones feet dry this winter, with Stonz’ soft booties for small feet. Simply the best boots for babies, infants Stonz and active and on-the-go toddlers, Stonz’ durable nylon and fleece-lined baby winter booties are designed to easily slip over socks, shoes, slippers or bare feet, and are fastened securely in place by two adjustable toggles. No more lost baby booties.

The soft-soled winter baby boots – recommended for developing feet – are also water and wind resistant. In addition the sole of the boot, is flexible and skid-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your little one slipping and sliding on the frost and iced sidewalks.

Stonz boots also provide a roomy fit that allows for extended wear throughout the spring, fall and winter season.

Stonz booties come in four generous sizes: small 0-9 months, medium 6-18 months, large 1- 2.5 years and x-Large 2-3 years. Read more…

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December 8th, 2013Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx

As featured in Today’s Woman Gift Guide

Socks might seem to be too boring of a gift to give at Christmas, but think again. Throx makes them exciting. 365 days of the year, our socks are silently stolen somewhere between the washing machine and dryer. Edwin Heaven has come up with a solution for the abducted sock. Edwin has created “Throx,” the first socks to come in threes. Says Heaven: “If cars come with a spare, why not a spare sock?”

As you give and receive gifts this Christmas, watch  for the puzzled look on  your gift recipients faces as they open their gift to find not two socks, but three. Read more…

stumbleupon:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx the gift of 3 socks-Throx digg:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx spurl:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx wists:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx simpy:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx newsvine:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx blinklist:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx furl:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx reddit:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx fark:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx blogmarks:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx Y!:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx smarking:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx magnolia:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx segnalo:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx gifttagging:Give the gift of 3 socks-Throx

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