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July 14th, 2014Travel Hair Dryers

Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer - TGR4000II have been using a hair dryer for as long as I can remember.  Even now that I have short hair I still find myself reaching for my favorite trusty hair styling tool. I am one of those women who can’t travel without taking a long a hair dryer, just in case where I am staying does not come equipped with one, or heaven forbid they do have one, but it is isn’t working.

When it comes to purchasing the perfect travel hair dryer I want to make sure that it offers the same comforts of my home dryer, only in a smaller travel size. Lucky for me,  I found a travel hair dryer that pack as much power as larger quality hair dryers. Read more…

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Bo-Po nail polish by 'Worx toys'

By Tanya  K

Bo-Po nail polish by 'Worx toys'

Worx Toys has brought back the memories, and the fun of brushing on and peeling off of Bo-Po nail polish that was originally made popular in the 80s by Tinkerbell Play Cosmetics. “Tinkerbell was one of those few toy lines that little girls of the 80s could persuade their parents to buy after a few pretty, pretty, pleases at the local store because it was the first skincare line for girls disguised as a toy,” says Gene Khaminsky, Worx Toys co-founder. In 2013, Bo-Po Nail polish won the Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toy.

I remember using the ‘Tinkerbell’ products when I was young, and I absolutely loved them. Those were the first ‘makeup’ products I was allowed to use.

I have to admit my expectations weren’t very high of the Bo-Po kids nail polish by ‘Worx toys’. So often when products are reintroduced into the marketplace after many years, in this case about 30 years, the new product is inferior to the quality of the original product. Bo-Po nail polish not only surprised me, but greatly exceeded my expectations.  The Bo-Po, brush on peel off, kid friendly nail polish is child safe, and non toxic. No nail polish remover is required. Read more…

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July 3rd, 2014Rejuvenate Your Skin


You might be surprised to know that of all the organic products available these days, organic skin care products are one of the most effective. And If you Natures Best Shea Butter & Japanese Green Tea Body Lotion For Woman, Men & Baby - Leaves skin Hydrated, Smoother Than Ever Before - Advanced Formulation from Raw Organic Unrefined Ingredients With Vitamin E - Beats Cream - 45 Day Guaranteeare searching for skin care solutions for aging, opting for natural products might just be the best option for you.

Antioxidants – skin care products such as “Natures Best Shea Butter & Japanese Green Tea Body Lotion” can remove the radicals that harm the cells in our skin and cause damage and aging.  However,  grab a bottle of this  body lotion and you will find a list of ingredients like:  Caprylic Triglyceride,  Helianthus annuus, among a million other words you cannot pronounce, much less begin to know what they are and what they do for your skin.

Before testing the lotion out myself I  did my homework. Caprylic/capric triglyceride chief job is to moisturize and replenish skin. The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) can retain moisture in the skin. It offers superior skin compatibility and increases the moisture content of the skin. Read more…

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Lilla RoseLilla Rose, Inc.

If you are looking for a unique gift for mom this Mother’s Day might I suggest Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry. Created by John and Missy Dorsey the Lilla Rose product line centers around unique, functional, and well made hair jewelry. From their flagship Flexi Hair Clip that we first told you about back in 2011, they have expanded to Hair Sticks, the Flexi Oh!, Hairbands, Bobby Pins, complimentary designed You-Pins, and Badge Holders.

Read more…

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April 13th, 2014Mommy and Me Jamberry Nails

By Tanya

Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is less than a month away. Stumped for what to get mom? How about some Jamberry nails? In the comfort of  her own home, while saving money, nom can now have beautiful nails with Jamberry nail wraps! Jamberry nail wraps are a fun and unique nail application for even the novice users. Jamberry wraps are nontoxic shields that you apply right over your natural nail in your own home. The wrap is finished with a high gloss protective layer that prevents your nail wrap from chipping or scuffing. The wraps are made in the USA, nontoxic/latex-free, and never tested on animals.

The instructions included with the nail wraps are clear, and quite easy to follow. There is no need to purchase specific tools in order to apply the wraps. A nail file, a small pair of scissors and a regular hair dryer are all that is required. Read more…

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