Ornaments With Love - Personalized Christmas OrnamentsDuring Christmas season, the biggest point of attraction in any home is the Christmas tree. No two trees ever look alike due to the special personal touch your decorations give.  As the moment approaches to bring out your favorite ornaments from their year-long storage,  perhaps  you have thought about adding a few new ornaments to your tree.  Why not opt for some personalized ornaments from OrnamentsWithLove.com?

With 1400+ personalized Christmas Ornaments available at OrnamentsWithLove.com you are sure to find that perfect one. Ornaments for your Christmas tree can signify a new love, a new home, or even a new addition to the family.   Personalized You Are My Sunshine! Christmas Ornament


Every year we add a new Ornament to our tree.  This year we added the “You Are My Sunshine Christmas Ornament” to our tree in honor of our oldest daughter. In July of this year she was involved in an ATV accident where she suffered a traumatic brain injury. During those first few weeks while she was in ICU, I would sit by her bed and sing “You are my sunshine.” When I saw the ornament on the OrnamentsWithLove.com website it just felt so fitting. As always, the ornament turned out perfect and just like the sample showed.

Last year was our youngest daughter’s first Christmas. The best way to capture the memory of our daughter’s first Christmas was opting for a Personalized Snowbaby Ornament from OrnamentsWithLove.com. The personalized ornament measure 4″ x 3.5″ and included the year she was born, her age at Christmas, her name and the words Baby 1st Christmas. Ornaments with Love has many personalized baby ornaments to choose from.

Personalized ornaments

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Personalized family ornaments are a fun way to track the growth of the family.  In 2012, because my family was expanding and my son’s g/f is a big part of our lives, we added a Personalized Elf Christmas Ornament with Gifts to our Christmas tree.  The Elf included all our names.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments with Love also offers personalized ornaments that cover a myriad of activities and interests from the cell phone to the computer to the tablet. In 2011, I bought my husband the Personalized Computer Christmas Ornament with Christmas Hat from OrnamentsWithLove.com.

 Personalized Love at First Sight - Sonogram Picture Christmas Ornament Tabletop or Ornament

Ornaments with Love also has Table Top Ornaments as well. Christmas table top decorations can really bring about the holiday spirit. A Sonogram Picture Christmas Ornament Tabletop would be a lovely gift for expecting parents.  Our bear Tabletop from Ornaments with Love has a forever home in my China cabinet where it has sat for the last 3 years.

Ornaments with Love

This holiday season, what better gift to give family and friends or even yourself than personalized ornaments? Be sure to visit Ornaments With Love and get your ornaments today.


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