After The Trash Pack’s immense success last holiday season, the gross gang in your garbage is back again this holiday season with barrels of disgusting fun for kids of all ages! The Trash Pack is a line of soft, miniature characters called Trashies. Each character is named after Junk Trucksomething gross that you might find in the trash.

Trash Town is set to get a serious clean up with the Trash Pack Junk Truck, part of series 3, which was released in 2012. The Junk Truck is a playset vehicle for Trash Pack that is similar to the garbage truck that we reviewed back in 2011.  It can be used as vehicle or can be opened up to reveal play features inside.

The Trash Pack

The truck features a working crane that can be used to pick up figurines and bins, that can be dropped into the compactor to be squish. It also features a separate skip on the back of the truck that can be loaded on and off the truck, and figurines can be dumped into the skip with the crane, or with the existing wheelie bin from the garbage truck (not included). The skip can also be unfolded to reveal more play features inside. The vehicle also has several locations for plugging on  extra figurines for pretend play. The Junk Truck comes with two green barrels, Grub Tub a bath tub and Stink Sink a sink, both Trash Pack exclusives.


Unlike other Trashie play-sets,  the series 2 Scum Drum is a play-set in the shape of a toxic waste barrel. Used for Scum Drumgames you can launch trashies inside the scum drum,  which includes four exclusive Trashies, a Wasted Banana and Squashed Wheel. Challenge your friends using the launchers to hurl your Trashies into the garbage chutes, through the sewer pipe and into your junk pile or  hit the Cross Bones and free the caged Trashies! Don’t miss or you’ll add to your opponent’s pile!

The 4 exclusive trashies included:

  • Snot Trot
  • Scummy Bear
  • Sweaty Shoe
  • Muck Bucket

Trash Wheels Burger Flip Out

Trash Wheels are a spin-off series of The Trash Pack. Trash Wheels is a range of small collectable vehicles for Trash Pack.  Trash Wheels Burger Flip Out is a play-set designed for the Trash Wheels.  The playset comes with two  free-wheeling cars, ramps and tracks for racing the cars as well as spatula that kids can use to flip the cars into the air. The play-set also features a break-away pot hole feature. The Burger Flip Out play set,  can be connected to other Trash Wheel  play-sets sold separately, to create an entire Trash Wheels town.


Here at Today’s Woman we predict that Trash Packs will top a few wish lists again this holiday season.

About Moose Toys

Moose Toys is a Melbourne-based, Australian company known for designing, developing and distributing toy and lifestyle products across the globe for children of all ages and the young at heart. Moose has products in all toy categories including collectibles, arts and crafts, activity toys, novelty items and outdoor products, and has brought joy to kids worldwide with successful products such as Mighty Beanz, Beados, Aqua Sand and The Trash Pack, a line of garbage-inspired collectibles. In 2012, Moose introduced several new product lines for boys and girls, including Micro Chargers, Blingles, Gelarti, and Fortune Cookie Maker, and expanded its Trash Pack line. Both Micro Chargers and Gelarti products were named to the 2012 Toys“R”Us “Fabulous 15” list for the 2012 holiday season. Visit for more information.

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