Toys that encourage creativity and play are exceptional choices when buying gifts for children. For young boys cars and racetracks are always a popular choice. If you’re thinking about a race track or car track for you children for their birthday or maybe even Easter, might we suggest the Modular 3D Construction Highway Kit.

The Highway Kit develops abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception, and creativity. The set includes 72 construction pieces, 4 cars, track extractor, decorative stickers and accessories like trees, traffic light, race flag, and more.


We found the kit easy to design different intersections, bridges etc. The pieces are made from thick Race track together. So easy to put together.plastic and connect together well. What makes Modular Construction Toys different from some other construction toys is that it comes with flexible plastic connectors that glide into the track pieces.

To attach the pieces, your child inserts a modular connector into one piece and snap another piece to the other side of the connector. Once the set is put together we found it to be fairly solid.

The kit is also great if mom and dad wish to play with the kids or when they have friends over for a sleep over. The pieces in the 3D Highway set are designed for smaller hands, so children as young as 4 can have fun playing with the kit though they may need some help from mom and dad. The illustrated instructions give children ideas for how to build, but of course they can come up with their own ideas. There are more than 1,000,000 track combinations for children to create using the pieces in the set. While the price might be a tad steep the set is definitely worth the cost.

Clean up is easy! When your child is finish playing with it, just put the pieces in zip lock backs and store back in the box. The nox will fit under your child’s bed until they are ready to play with it again.

Overall the “Modular 3D Construction Highway Kit”, is a great set that is sure to bring big smiles and memories that will last a lifetime. Other sets compatible with the 3D Highway set are sold separately.

Thank you to Storz & Associates for providing us with Modular Toys to review. Stortz & Associates are Canada’s leading importer and distributor of Eco Friendly Toys. They are also the source for especially unique and fun toys which are regularly featured by the media. Stortz brand toys draw consumers to Specialty Toy Stores, Bookstores, Game Stores, Comic Book Shops, Drug Stores and University Gift Shops across Canada.

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