Essential Summer Protection for Mom



When you’re protecting your skin from the sun, don’t forget about protecting your head. This Mother’s Day help mom protect 935614_10201341178475727_1949797061_nherself from those harmful rays with a wide-brimmed hat from


The Wow Wide Brim Sun Blocker Hat by Cov-ver is fitted with a comfortable one size inner stretch band for a perfect fit. Available in array of colors the hat is perfect for relaxing on the beach, working in the garden or a lazy day playing in the back yard with the dog.

When it comes to choosing a sun hat for mom,  you want to make sure you choose one which has a wide surface area like the Wow Wide Brim Sun Blocker Hat, so it covers the whole head, eyes and shoulders.

We found the hat to be light weight and yet have enough material  to not allow the hot sun’s rays to get through.  The nice thing 249060_10201341174275622_1328406819_nabout the hat is that it is also comes in bigger sizes for those that have a large head.

My son’s girlfriend commented that she normally doesn’t wear a hat in the Summer due to being unable to find a hat that fits.  Thanks to  she now has a hat to protect her from the sun.

Adventure Hat has many flattering fashionable hats to protect mom from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. Why not pay them a visit today at


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