Keep your 2013 New Year resolutions and succumb to a guilt-free way to enjoy chocolate!

Chocomania Deluxe Edition

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and giving a woman Chocolate is so 2011. Again this year we woman want to immerse our-self in chocolate gluttony without having it go to our waistline. Introducing- The Body Shop “Chocomania” deluxe addition-  a decadent, sensuous and indulgent range that includes Community Fair Trade ingredients from around the world.

I had the opportunity to test out some of the chocolate scented products! My favorite by far is the body butter.  The Body Shop Chocomania Body ButterNot only does it leave my skin feeling moistened and soft, it smelled good enough to eat.

The shower cream contains real cocoa butter and has a chocolatey scent. It is soap-free and will not dry out the skin.

The exfoliating body scrub has a chocolatey scent and leaves skin feeling softer and smooth. It contains real cocoa butter and organic cane sugar and smells delicious.

Chocolate is without a doubt my number one pick for a Valentine’s Day gift, next to jewelry and the “The BodyChocomania Deluxe Edition Shop – Chocomania” line is the perfect, guilt-free gift. From The Body Shop classic favorite Body Butter format to a rich exfoliating Body Scrub, Chocomania Deluxe Edition provides a decadent chocolatey-scented and luxuriously guilt-free experience!

For details on the Chocomania Deluxe addition line, check out for additional info.

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