By now you have most likely had a chance to try out The Body Shop New Scents of the World The Body ShopFragrances. If you haven’t then you are in for a real treat.

From the warm and exotic to the dewy and fresh, Scents of the World will transport you to faraway places this upcoming Spring.

The five new scents include Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Amazonian Wild Lily, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Indian Night Jasmine and Atlas Mountain Rose. It is the first fragrance collection of The Body Shop containing 100 percent organic essence and globally sourced natural extracts.

Body Shop brings out new fragrance collection

You can wear one fragrance alone or blend them together to create a truly individual scent. I was able to sample both Atlas Mountain Rose and Indian Night Jasmine. Indian Night Jasmine was the milder of the two offering notes of sandalwood, violet leaves, orange blossom and jasmine. The scent of hand-picked Atlas Mountain Rose fills the air with Atlas Mountain Rose, a blend of citruses, rose, musk and amber.  It smells refreshing and also feminine at the same time!

The scents are surprisingly long lasting and best of all- affordable! Overall, I am pleased with both scents I tried.

For more details on the Scents of The World by The Body Shop line, check out for additional info.

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